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Weekly Vine

16th March Weekly Vine: This week find out about Nutrition and Hydration week, Freddo, Care Home Open Day, Napping, PG Tips & lots more!

Nutrition and Hydration Week 2018 – 12th – 18th March

Nutrition and Hydration Week aims to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally.

Image result for nutrition and hydration week

Originally the focus was on advances in nutrition and hydration across health and social care. Nowadays the aim is much bigger! Nutrition and Hydration Week has become a truly global event. Good nutrition and hydration is important, whatever your age.  This week highlights the importance of good nutrition and staying hydrated.

Freddo now cheaper

It’s a firm favourite of many and is often used as an unofficial marker for the term coined as shrinkflation! But this week we have been told that the Cadburys staple, Freddo, is reducing in cost from 30p to 25p.

The cost of a Freddo frog has risen by 200% since 2000.

Since 2000 the price has increased by a whopping 200% going up from 10p to 30p over an 18 year period. Freddo bars are by no means the only confectionery items to have gradually crept up in cost. Increases have also been seen with KitKat, Mars and Twirl, accompanied by an additional phenomenon of shrinking bar sizes. But for now, we have some good news for all you froggy fans!

Care Home Open day 2018

Care Home Open Day is now in its 6th year. It encourages care homes to open their doors to celebrate a different theme each year.

National Care Home Open Day - 20th June 2014

This year’s Care Home Open Day will be held on 21st April 2018 and is all about Linking Communities. It’s a chance to celebrate all the different people, cultures and relationships in the local area. It is also a way for people to see that care homes are friendly, happy and exciting places to be. Many care homes take part and hold different events on the day. Are you taking part this year? Click here for all the hints, tips and resources you may need!

Napping during the day?

Falling asleep in the day ‘could be an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease’, study finds.

animal, cat face, close-up

Nodding off during the day could be an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s disease, according to research.  A study of nearly 300 retired people found those who reported being very sleepy during the day had higher accumulations of amyloid plaques in their brains – a major cause of Alzheimer’s. Scientists believe this is because the human brain clears away amyloid when the body is asleep. So people who are suffering broken sleep at night – and therefore struggling to stay awake during the day – are more likely to have build-ups of the toxic substance. Whilst the study doesn’t say you shouldn’t have the odd cat nap, just be aware of elderly people sleeping too much in the day.

PG Tips to switch to plastic-free teabags

Tea maker PG Tips is to switch to fully biodegradable, plant-based teabags.

blur, close-up, coffee cup

The first eco-friendly pyramid teabags go on sale next week – other teabag types will follow later this year. The move comes as companies and supermarkets look to protect the environment by reducing the use of plastics.

PG Tips are currently made mostly with paper, but a small amount of polypropylene plastic is used to seal the bag and this takes a long time to break down. The replacement material is made from corn starch, making the 10 billion PG Tips teabags produced every year, fully biodegradable.



Eat Seasonably

Eat the Seasons

Spring onions are so much more than just to be added to your Peking Duck pancakes. When raw or very lightly cooked they impart a wonderfully vibrant yet mild flavour where normal onions would be overpowering.

Other News:

How to challenge a CQC inspection report

Plastic particles found in bottled water

Care home residents try out latest festival trend – the silent disco

The sugar tax is already producing results

Price spectrum:

↑ Dried Apricots

↓ Peanuts

F&E Promo Corner:


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Sport Relief 2018


Sport Relief is back this week. It is a charity event from Comic Relief, in association with BBC Sport. It brings together the worlds of sport and entertainment in a bid to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries. At the heart of the campaign is the “Sport Relief Mile”, which involves members of the public doing their bit for charity. You don’t have to be super fit to get involved, there are many ways you can join in, here are just a few! (and it isn’t just a list of walking!)

Sponsored walk

Seniors in the Park

Put your best foot forward and get walking. Get friends, family members or colleagues to sponsor you and raise some money. If you work in a care home you could even get the residents involved! Read this story of how a care home is joining up with some toddlers from a local nursery to get active and raise money together! Why not dress up in fancy dress and earn some extra pennies for a good cause!

Sports Match

You could host a sports match. Staff vs Residents maybe? It doesn’t have to be too strenuous, ping pong, chess or dominoes are all great games to get competitive in. Get in teams and raise some money!


Assorted Pastries on Brown Wooden Table

Everyone loves a bit of cake, so why not bake some tasty treats and sell them for charity. Cook cakes, flapjacks, homemade fudge, sweets or even turn your hand at one of these yummy cheesecakes! 


Get quizzical

ask, blackboard, chalk board

Host a quiz night, bingo night or a sweepstake. All easy ways to raise money, that can be sorted as a last minute way of raising money. Have a sporting theme to keep the sport relief trend going. (you could even eat some of those lovely cakes you baked earlier!!!)


Head to your local Sainsburys or buy these amazing fundraising products online! We particularly like the dog t-shirt!




If you are hosting an event, get in touch today! We would love to see your pictures!!

Weekly Vine

9th March Weekly Vine: This week find out about Muller, Sainsburys, Snow Heroes, & lots more!

Muller cuts sugar by 13.5%

Müller has announced that it has reduced the total amount of sugar in its core range of yoghurts by 13.5% since 2015. It has also released a new Greek-style yoghurt line.

Müller announces sugar reduction and releases new Greek yogurt line

Data released by the brand shows that it has dropped the total amount of sugar across its yoghurt collection by 1759 tonnes. All thanks to reformulated recipes and new low-sugar products. The brand announced that it had reduced the amount of sugar in its Müller Strawberry corner by a whopping 19%, and last month it released a new 0% added sugar variant of its Fruitopolis yoghurt.

Müller has also announced it will replace its Müller Greek Corner line with the Müller Corner Plain range. These contains 27% less added sugar than its predecessor. The new line will include three varieties: Strawberry and Goji Berry, Blueberry and Elderberry and Raspberry and Pomegranate. All great news for the company as it aims to reduce the sugar content in its products, along with many other brands!

Sainsbury’s Staff Helped Mum With Alzheimer’s Keep Working

A son has thanked Sainsbury’s staff for going above and beyond the call of duty to keep his mum in employment after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Doron Salomon said the supermarket adapted his mum’s role and ensured all staff were aware of her condition; so she could continue to do the job she loved. The store, in Kenton, London, also provided regular welfare meetings with his mum and dad to regularly check she felt safe and happy. “It’s just reaffirming to see such a large corporation act like you might expect a small family business to. Their employment of my mum gave her a sense of normality Doron shared his mum’s story in a Twitter thread on Sunday, which has since been liked more than 8,000 times.

 He explained his mum, first began to experience symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease 10 years ago in her early fifties. However, she wasn’t diagnosed until 2013. His mum used to work as a bookkeeper, but began to struggle with her daily tasks due to the disease. She applied for a job at Sainsbury’s as part of their in-store ‘picker’ team. Doron’s family told the supermarket about his mum’s condition as soon as she received a formal diagnosis in 2013. They said colleagues and managers were “outstanding ever since”.  What an inspirational story! Doron is inviting anyone who’s been touched by his mother’s story to make a donation to Alzheimer’s Research UK. 

#SnowHeroes: Care workers ditch day off to battle into work for elderly

Care home staff around the country slept in care homes, undertook marathon shifts and even battled blizzards on their day off to keep elderly safe from the ‘Beast from the East’.

The Beast from the East; a nickname used to describe arctic conditions affecting huge swathes of the UK – has seen care home staff among those earning the title of ‘snow heroes’. On Twitter, the hashtag #SnowHeroes has been trending and includes many stories of care workers’ heroism. Well done guys!

Care Home Awards 2018 Top 20 Care Home Group Awards 2018

The Top 20 Care Home Awards 2018 highlight the most recommended Care Homes in each region of the UK. The Awards are based on the Review Score, as of 31st January 2018. They highlight the top care homes, as voted for by you! To find out more click here,


Eat Seasonably

Eat the Seasons

The outlandishly coloured vegetable that thinks it’s a fruit. Rhubarb makes deliciously comforting puddings but its sharpness works extremely well with meat and oily fish dishes.

Forced rhubarb (grown in the dark) has yellowish leaves and usually appears in January. The field-grown variety replaces it around April and is less tender but often more flavourful.


Other News:

 Beast from the East halts Cadbury

Personal trainer helps care home’s elderly turn back time

Price spectrum:

↑ Rice

↓ Turkey

F&E Promo Corner:

Shower commode

M80 is a lightweight, tilt-in-space aluminium shower commode chair which provides a versatile bathing and toileting solution for a wide variety of patients.


Adjustable Seat Angle: 6 to 25

Width: 45cm

Height: 55cm

Depth: 42cm

Maximum User Weight: 150kg (23 Stone)

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Buying Consortium

Top reasons we hear from people who think they don’t need us!

I have it all under control!

Doesn’t it make more business sense to focus all your attention on improving and growing your business, rather than wondering if milk from one supplier is cheaper than another? The world is constantly changing and you have to be focused to keep up. Businesses like you can open up a world of opportunities by being exposed to ideas and free help from people on the outside in the form of purchasing consortiums. We have a unique perspective on the markets that you may not have time to devote energy to. We have the relationships with the suppliers and have the time to make sure you are getting the best prices. This is our job after all!

adult, Analogue, break

I am very persuasive so I don’t need any help.

Being a tough negotiator is definitely a benefit. But no matter how tough and persuasive you are, it is difficult to improve your negotiating position if your company isn’t buying enough of a certain product or understands fully what product will work best. By joining us, you have the buying power of millions in all areas of supply. From dairy, grocery and frozen to furniture, care products and housekeeping. You are going to be accessing prices that maybe you could have only dreamed of. We on average save members 15% a year! Think what you could spend that on!

buy, cash, coins

We are a large organisation; we have a huge influence when it comes to our prices.

Yes, large companies can have influence on suppliers. However it really only occurs in the areas where they are buying a lot of products or have a deep understanding of the product they are buying. Someone running a tea shop knows all about tea, cake and all other yummy things. But, do they know where to get the best price for the cleaning products, toilet rolls or even the paper used in the office? This is where we can help. We have a team experienced in a wide range of daily consumables as well as items that may be a one-off purchase. We have access to many suppliers, to make sure you are getting the best prices for all your supplies!

Free stock photo of glass, architecture, rich, high-rise

How difficult can buying be, anyway?

Milk is milk, and paper is paper isn’t it? Nope! All products have different variations. We will never offer a product that is lower quality that you are used to but, we can offer suggestions for alternatives that you may never have thought about. We have over 22 years’ experience in this industry and we are truly experts in getting the best prices for our members. You also have the added benefit of accessing our furniture and equipment department. Microwave broken? Need a fridge? We can source any item you need at great prices.

Man Wearing Black Apron Near Two Silver Metal Cooking Pot

I don’t want to lose control of my spending.

Simple answer? You won’t! You are in complete control of your spending. We just facilitate getting best prices for you! You do the ordering, you control when deliveries are, you are given the choice of suppliers, in fact, the only difference you will notice is more money in your account! We also offer a service to monitor what you are spending on products, branded vs none branded and you can compare it month on month. We can also deal with any service issues on your behalf. As a member, you get given an account manager who you can contact with any problems.

Person Holding Black and Grey Pen


Ok so how do I become a member?

Simple, email, or or call the office on 01329 236821 and we will tell you how we can help.

Fair Trade Fortnight

Image result for fairtrade fortnight 2018

Fairtrade fortnight kicks off this week. The aim is to help raises awareness of where products come from. The nationwide drive is led by the Fairtrade Foundation and officially runs from 26 February 26 to March 11.

What is Fairtrade?

It’s a shocking fact that millions of farmers and workers who produce the food we love still don’t earn enough to feed their own families. It’s time for this injustice to end. Fairtrade Fortnight puts a spotlight on trade. When trade is fair it has the potential to improve the lives of the people who grow our food.

Fairtrade simply means offering fair prices for farmers in the developing world. This, in turn, allows them to invest in their communities.

From swapping to Fairtrade bananas and tea in your weekly grocery shop; to hosting a Fairtrade breakfast or campaigning with your local school, doing your bit couldn’t be easier.

adult, agriculture, Asian

Why you should buy fairtrade!

  • Fairtrade means fair prices 

When selling on Fairtrade terms, farmers in developing countries receive a fair price. This fair price means they can afford to invest in their communities and are empowered to build better future. They get a better deal and are able to bring them out of poverty. 80 percent f the world’s coffee is produced by 25 million smallholders who live on less than £1.40 a day. If farmers are guaranteed to receive at least the Fairtrade Minimum Price for their coffee, they have a safety net when times are tough.

  • Buying Fairtrade doesn’t have to cost more

There’s such a wide range of Fairtrade products from gold to breakfast bananas that there’s something for everyone. Most major retailers stock Fairtrade produce, for example, the Co-op, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s. Simply look out for the Fairtrade logo. Products with a FAIRTRADE Mark have met internationally agreed Fairtrade Standards designed to address the imbalance of power of conventional trade. There is an abundance of everyday items that shoppers can swap for Fairtrade options that won’t cost you a penny more. It’s not just food either. Cotton, flowers, beauty products the list goes on. Find out more here.

Image result for fairtrade fortnight 2018

Weekly Vine

23rd February Weekly Vine: This week find out about Meat Alternative Prices, Therapy Alpacas, Fruity Diet Coke, Manicures, & lots more!

Meat alternative prices on the up

Supermarkets have marked the end of Veganuary by hiking up the cost of meat alternatives. The prices have been rising since the end of January, in fact, they are now up 2% year on year.

Shabu Shabu on Plate Beside Chopstick and Soda Bottle

Despite the price increases, more and more consumers are choosing plant-based foods over meat. Consumers are choosing these products for both health and environmental reasons. In 2018 over 150,000 people took part in Veganury, which is almost double the amount from 2017! We wrote a blog last July on how to cater for ‘Flexitarians’ check it out here.

Therapy alpacas comfort dementia care home residents

A group of alpacas have been touring care homes in Bournemouth, Poole and Edinburgh, bringing comfort to residents with dementia.

Many care homes have therapy pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits, and there is a high demand for visiting dementia dogs and therapy horses, but alpacas are still quite an unusual choice. Zita Turner, the home manager at The Potteries, in Poole said: “Not many residents had seen an alpaca before, and you could see from residents’ reactions just how fascinated they were by the chance to get up close to and pet the gentle-natured creatures.”

Feeling Fruity?

Diet coke has had a makeover in the states, and it has now arrived in the UK.


This is the first time since 2003 that the brand has released a new Diet coke flavour. Fiesty cherry and Exotic mango are the new lines, with more variants coming later this year. Available in a variety of forms from bottles to cans. What flavour are you looking forward to trying?

Nail technician makes care home resident ‘feel like a woman again’

Care home residents wrote to the owner of the home, asking to employ volunteer nail technician, Sharon Williams, full time as she was such a hit!

Close-up of Woman Having Manicure

The residents have been queuing up to get multi-coloured and diamond encrusted nails from Ms Williams at Pendine Park Care Homes. She was originally taken on by care bosses 12 months ago as a volunteer. After some pushing by residents, they eventually offered her a pernament role. The exceptional rapport she has with residents, combined with her exciting nail designs have earned her an army of admirers at the homes.  “The homes are all amazing. You feel the warmth and care as soon you walk into them”. “One of the ladies actually said to me that I’d made her feel like a woman again and that was so nice to hear.”

The nail technician’s bold but intricate nail creations have been a talking point amongst residents over the past year. Ms Williams said: “The oldest of the ladies who come to me is 98. She recently asked if I could paint her fingernails black.”


Doctors issue new health warning over fears for elderly in -10C freeze

An arctic blast set to blow into Britain could put lives at risk, health officials have warned. A cold weather warning has been issued, with warnings being made to keep an eye on elderly and vulnerable relatives and friends.

alone, branches, bridge

High levels of snowfall are expected to hit London, the South-east and eastern England this Sunday night. With Overnight lows of -7C being forecast across the country, we are being told to prepare. Even daytime temperatures are expected to stay around zero well into March. Prolonged periods of cold weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young, very old or those with chronic diseases. Follow these tips on how to stay warm this winter!

Eat Seasonably

Eat the Seasons



Packed full of Omega 3, this oily fish is full of flavour and great in salads, baked or on the BBQ. This guide is a great way of seeing how best to cook Mackerel. Let us know what you have cooked recently!

Other News:

 British Pie Week

Real Bread Week

Real-life ‘Notebook’ couple, 93, die side by side within two hours of each other after meeting aged 17

Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

Price spectrum:

↑ Rice

↓ Butter

F&E Promo Corner:

Mitre Comfort Satin Duvet Covers White


With a high thread count of 240, these covers provide a soft and comfortable feel that your guests will love. The 1.5cm wide stripes give the covers an elegant look which is easy to match with a broad range of interior styles.

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Spring Clean

Spring Cleaning week 2018


Spring cleaning week 2018 is almost here! National Spring Cleaning Week encourages everyone to clean their homes ready for the spring. A good spring clean can help you feel motivated, refreshed, satisfied and pumped up. Why not go the whole hog and buy some new towels and bedding?

So pull on your gloves and send dirt and germs packing with these spring cleaning tips for your home.

National Spring Cleaning Week


Be sensible:

don’t try to undertake the whole house in a day. Instead, try to complete a whole room so you will feel you have achieved something!

Analogue, classic, clock


Pick up all the clutter in the room before you start cleaning. Have a few bin liners with you so you can sort things you want to save, tidy away, give to a charity shop or chuck. Be ruthless with things you haven’t used in ages!

Cleaning kit

Gather together your cleaning kit. Get a household caddy and fill it with all the essentials, so you can carry them from room to room rather than having to keep returning to the kitchen.
stock photo, inspiration, interior, feathers, cleaning, duster
You’ll need:
– Rubber gloves
– Kitchen towels
– Duster
– Polish
– Cream cleaner like cif
– Multi-purpose anti-bacterial spray
– Bleach
– Washing-up liquid
– Window cleaner
– Old toothbrush


Dust walls and ceilings first, using the upholstery brush on your vacuum cleaner or an extendable dusting brush. Wipe over painted walls and woodwork with a damp cloth.
Dust light fittings and bulbs using a microfiber or lint-free cloth. To clean grimy bulbs, lightly dampen your cloth with vinegar. Caution: be sure bulbs are cool to the touch and your hands are dry.

Turned on Pendant Lamp

Move furniture like beds, sofas and wardrobes and give the area a good vacuum before replacing. Polish furniture and check whether any repairs are needed, such as sticking drawers or ring marks.

Don’t forget to dust books and shelves. Take everything off the shelves and dust them with a soft cloth and furniture polish. Dust all the books carefully before replacing. It sounds like hard work, but it’s worth the effort!


Freshen bedrooms – rotate and flip mattresses unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Wash duvets, pillows and pillow protectors and vacuum the mattresses.

Deep Clean

Deep clean carpets and large rugs. Vacuum thoroughly all over, especially around skirting boards and under furniture.

Brown Wooden Floor

Give windows and patio doors a thorough clean, but make sure it’s a cloudy day. If it’s too sunny, the cleaning solution will dry too fast and you’ll have streaks.

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is probably cleaned most often, but take the time to remove any clutter. Wash thoroughly or replace worn bath mats and shower curtains.

apartment, blinds, cabinets

Give the kitchen a good clear out.  Look at all your equipment and see if any need refreshing.

Free housekeeping review

Ask us for a free housekeeping review today. We will review your housekeeping costs and provide you with a detailed report recommending how you can improve your cleaning regime, reduce cost and manage your budget more effectively – because let’s be honest, we are all looking at ways to save money, and Collective Purchasing can help!

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Weekly Vine

16th February Weekly Vine: This week find out about Baking, Ultra Processed Food, Dementia & lots more!

Care home resident who loses wife ‘makes most of each day’ by baking

Two years ago John Sprakes, lost his wife Sybil. However, he decided to not just sit around feeling sad.

“I realised I could choose how I wanted to spend my time, and I chose to throw myself at every opportunity that came my way and really make the most of each day,” said the 91-year-old.

Rather than sit and do nothing, he decided to join in some of the home’s activities and started attending the weekly cooking classes. Baking is a very therapeutic activity, according to research which has found cooking and baking can help people deal with anxiety and depression. John Whaite, who won The Great British Bake Off in 2012, has spoken out about his struggles with depression, finding baking helps him stay “in control”. Plus you get to eat the cake after – and who doesn’t love cake? Read more here. Click here for some fab recipes. 

Ultra-processed foods ‘linked to cancer’

A new study carried out in France has shown a link to ultra-processed food with Cancer.

cake, chocolate, chocolate cake

They classified foods including cakes, chicken nuggets and mass-produced bread as “ultra-processed”. A study of 105,000 people hinted the more of such foods people ate, the greater their risk of cancer. Although, we are being urged to take this study with a ‘pinch of salt’! Experts have said (unsurprisingly) the best way to eat is a healthy, balanced diet! Read more here. 

Hospital bed blockers

Figures show the NHS has spent £15 million a month to keep people in hospital because of a lack of social care beds. Up to 10,000 Alzheimer’s patients, a year are left on hospital wards despite being well enough to leave. This is  because of a lack of social care beds

Person in Hospital Gown Using Walking Frame Beside Hospital Bed

This is not only leading to beds being used when patients could be elsewhere, but these patients are not receiving the specialist care they need and deserve.

The new data follows a report by Age UK that shows more than one in three dementia patients are denied individual treatment plans when they are discharged. There are more than 850,000 dementia sufferers in the country, with Alzheimer’s disease the most common form.  You can read more here.

Scientists REVERSE Alzheimer’s in middle-aged mice

Scientists have successfully reversed Alzheimer’s in a middle-aged lab mouse. They were using the same method as a major clinical trial in humans which was called off Tuesday this week.

Free stock photo of man, hands, waiting, senior

The team at Cleveland Clinic said they were ‘shocked’ when their attempts to reduce amyloid plaque in mice completely eradicated the dangerous build-ups that slowly cripple the brain.  The study claims that their tests on a 20-month-old mouse – equivalent to a 50-year-old human – show it could be possible to halt the disease if it is caught decades earlier than usual. However, the study on humans has shown more cons than pros. Fingers crossed, this could lead to further trials in the future.

Eat Seasonably

Eat the Seasons



Leeks, related to garlic and onions, but have a much subtler, sweeter and more sophisticated flavour. Used to enrich soups or stews; They also partner brilliantly with potato and with cheese to form tasty side-dishes and suppers!

Other News:

Taking arthritis drugs costing 5p a day could HALVE your dementia risk 

Ketone drink could help diabetics by lowering blood sugar

Ben and Jerry’s releases a new birthday cake flavoured ice cream

Price spectrum:

↑ Tofu

↓ Coconut Oil

F&E Promo Corner:

Amefa Integral Adapted Spoonamefa-integrale-adapted-spoon

Designed to make eating good food a more enjoyable experience for people with gripping difficulties.

Call today for a quote 01329 236821

Make eating fun again

Encouraging elderly to eat

There are many reasons why an elderly person may not be eating very much. It could be because of a change in hormones, medication, an illness such as dementia, depression, and loneliness. This change in eating habits can cause some concern.

So here are some tips on how to encourage elderly people to eat more…

  • Eating little and often

This can help as a starting point, it may be that they are not able to eat a large meal in one go. Try looking at 4 or 5 small dishes that can be eaten throughout the day. You could find out what they enjoy and perhaps they might like to try a few new things.

  • Lighter foods with high-quality nutrition

assortment, batch, colors

Try to stock the kitchen with lighter foods containing a higher quality of nutrition. There are superfoods like berries that can be snacked on. Also nuts and seeds are a great source of fibre, calcium and other nutrients. Brazil nuts and bananas can help with energy and act as an antidepressant which can help if they are not feeling great. If eating nuts and seeds is an issue due to dentures or allergies, try some lentils and beans. The good thing about nuts, seeds, lentils and beans is that they can keep for a long time; an economical and nutritional choice.

You could also add protein powder to shakes or drinks, shredded veggies to scrambled eggs, skim milk powder for calcium to pasta sauce, or a soybean paste called miso as a soup base to add extra calories into their diets.

  • Food with colours and textures

Eating is a highly psychological process too. If we keep eating the same bland colours and textures, it is likely we will get bored of this and stop looking forward to mealtimes. Perhaps a reason this happens is our need for survival. A diet that is rich in colour and texture diversity is a healthy one. Make mealtimes colourful with different fruit, vegetables and salad items. If they suffer from swallowing difficulties check out this blog on how to bring puree food back to life!

  • Eating socially

Photo Of Woman Eating

Many people are used to eating with family. Eating with other people is much nicer than eating alone. Make sure mealtimes are sociable and enjoyable for everyone involved. It can also help to have a nice atmosphere when eating. For example a table clear of clutter, no television to distract from the eating process, and perhaps some gentle music on.

  • Put the power in their hands.

Get their suggestions of what to eat and have them help out in the process as they can. Along with feeling more in-control, they may enjoy the eating process more if they’ve had input.

  • Make it Tasty

aroma, aromatic, assortment

Don’t rely on salt to improve taste. Experiment with kitchen herbs and sodium-reduced sauces for taste enhancement.

  • Finally

With dementia, mealtimes can be demoralizing. Dexterity goes. Confusion sets in. Slow eating or no eating – it’s a huge battle. Malnutrition and dehydration are major reasons why so many people with dementia end up in hospital. We can help you and your residents with a range of mealtime products. From tableware to modesty bibs. Contact us today to see how we can help.


Call us on 01329 236821



Weekly Vine

9th February Weekly Vine: This week find out about Chelsea VIP, PMA, Meat-free dinners, Mirror fire risk, new flu jab & lots more!

Chelsea through and through

93-year-old ex-Chelsea player gets VIP treatment at Stamford Bridge.

Care home resident Phillip McKnight arrived at the stadium wearing his Chelsea hat and scarf, accompanied by two of the home’s ‘football mad’ nurses, Vali Joita and Gabi Cutoi. He then received the full ‘VIP treatment’. He was given a glass of champagne and a special meal in the Ex-Players Foundation Box. Stamford Bridge has seen plenty of changes since Mr McKnight played there after being ‘demobbed’ from the Royal Navy in 1946. It seems like the ex-pro’s visit to the club was a lucky move for the Chelsea team on 28 January 2018; when the home team went on to beat Newcastle United 3-0.

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude!)

A positive attitude could protect you from dementia: Study finds people who embrace ageing are 50% LESS likely to get the disease.

blue, blur, bright

People who don’t dread the ageing process are less likely to develop dementia, new research claims. The study found there was a nearly 50 percent lower risk of developing dementia for people with positive attitudes towards growing older, compared to pessimists.

Although the cause of dementia isn’t completely understood, experts believe they include a combination of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. The findings, published in PLOS ONE, is the first to examine whether ageism, prejudice or discrimination against people because of their age, influence the risk of developing dementia among older people. So what are you waiting for! Embrace getting old!

A quarter of UK dinners have no meat or fish

More than a quarter of all evening meals in the UK are vegan or vegetarian, research shows. In the 12 weeks to the end of January, 29% of them contained no meat or fish, according to Kantar Worldpanel.

aubergines, bio, cabbage

Trends like Veganuary (going vegan for January)  are affecting habits, the market researcher said. Meanwhile, Yorkshire-based meat substitute company Quorn Foods saw global sales rise by 16% last year. The research – collected from a consumer panel of 30,000 households – reflects a year-on-year move to more vegetarian meals (26.9% of evening meals were vegetarian in 2014 and 27.8% in 2016). Through January, one in 10 shoppers bought a meat-free ready meal, boosting sales by 15% compared to this time last year. Sales of vegetables, such as spinach and aubergine, are also up 43% and 23% respectively, compared to the last 12 months. Is this a bad thing? Is it good for us to skip meat once and a while? Let us know your thoughts!

Fire chief warns about the hazards of vanity mirrors

The fire chief of Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Services has issued a warning about the dangers of makeup and vanity mirrors when placed in direct sunlight after a fire broke out at a care home in Staffordshire.

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The warning comes in after a fire at Nethermoor House care home in Rugeley, Staffordshire. The cause of the fire was direct sunlight shining onto a make-up mirror, which then set light to nearby curtains. Firefighters from Rugeley and Cannock put out the fire in a first-floor bedroom of the home on 1 February. The fire was stopped from spreading further by the vigilance of a cleaner in the home, who smelt burning. The building was evacuated and the emergency services alerted.

Flu Jab

Doctors in England are being asked to order a different type of flu vaccine in time for next winter. NHS England says over-65s should be offered a newly licensed jab called Fluad, which experts say should give better immunity to this age group. It has an added ingredient designed to create a stronger immune response. Fluad has been available in Europe for years but was only approved in the UK in August 2017.

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Each year, scientists predict which strains of flu are likely to be circulating and advise which strains should go into flu vaccines. There are also different types of flu vaccine, designed for different groups of patients.

Eat Seasonably

Eat the Seasons

Purple Sprouting Broccoli

After a fairly sparse couple of months on the leafy veg front; the start of the purple sprouting broccoli season marks a welcome addition to the winter vegetable palate. Simply steamed or boiled, it partners almost any fish or meat dish, and it also takes centre stage in excellent dishes such as this purple sprouting broccoli with chilli, lime and sesame dressing.



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