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Collective Purchasing Tetley Tea Tasting:

A Decent Cup of Tea Is Important. In All Environments and Situations, a Cuppa with a Biscuit Is the Way Forward to Make Anything Better. We Are British After All! A Tea Break, Lunchtime, Afternoon Boil-The-Kettle Break, Presentations, Meetings, Any Situation – Tea Will Be There for You.

Here at Collective Purchasing we explored and investigated Tetley Tea’s new line of enveloped tea. This wide range has made the office even more tea-crazy – even the coffee lovers have changed their minds.

Collective Purchasing Tetley Tea Review

“I’ve always been a lover of English Breakfast, so the English Breakfast is for me. Unfortunately I’m not a fan of fruit tea, but they make the office smell lovely!” – Mike. 

“Mint Infusion was refreshing and had a distinct taste that is unlike other mint teas. Definitely recommend it”- Steph.

“English Breakfast– really lovely tea, you can taste that it was good quality, I drink Tetley everyday brew all of the time anyway, I wouldn’t go to another brand. The Mint Infusion and Mango Green Tea are by far my favourites. I love the taste of the Mango Green Tea, I don’t usually like plain green tea so it’s nice to get a well flavoured fruity tea, and I also like the idea of all the health benefits that come from a green tea. I’ll definitely be drinking this one more often. The Mint Infusion tea was really lovely and refreshing, really nice for when you don’t want a caffeinated drink and just want something that’s nice to sip. I was really excited to try the Raspberry and Pomegranate tea as it sounded so yummy and I’m a big fan of fruit teas. I LOVED the smell of it, and it made the water turn pinky so I was really looking forward to seeing if it tasted as good as it smelt. Unfortunately it didn’t taste just as nice as it smelt – however leaving the tea bag in for longer really does help the tea come to life!” – Beth.

“I love the English Breakfast! It reminds me of being in a Hotel. If it was in a blind taste test, I wouldn’t have been able to pick it out, not too fancy but definitely a lovely cuppa. This tea lends itself to being brewed for longer as it doesn’t have a very strong taste otherwise. Mint Infusion makes me feel super awake, refreshed and healthy. I really enjoy having this after lunch. I found it best to leave the teabag in to brew for longer to get the best flavour. Lovely choice if you don’t fancy a caffeinated drink. Probably my favourite out of the flavoured teas! Green Tea and Mango: I’m not a fan of green tea usually but the mango flavouring made it a lot less harsh tasting and a bit sweeter” – Sarah.

“I found the Raspberry and Pomegranate really fruity and refreshing.  I would recommend this to others, as it’s something that I would have again”- Paul.

 I liked the Lemon and Ginger one better than the Green Tea with Lemon. The smell of ginger was really inviting. I also would have the Mint Infusion tea again, as the smell and taste were both inviting and refreshing” – Wendy.

 Mint Infusion tastes as full bodied as it smells, like chewing gum. Definitely cleanses the palate and would recommend and have again. The Earl Grey was full of dark fruits flavour, although it didn’t smell like a regular earl grey, it didn’t let me down. Lastly, Raspberry and Pomegranate smells like warm Ribena but tastes like Rowntree’s ice lollies” – Laura.

 “As a regular coffee drinker, I was curious to trying different flavour teas to the regular English Breakfast. I was surprised at how many of them I enjoyed. The Green Tea with Mango is refreshing, for a person who doesn’t like regular Green Tea, the mango really brings the flavour and standard up to a positive. Also, the Mint Infusion is absolutely delicious. Refreshing and definitely a tea I will go to when I fancy a pick up.” – Emily.

Collective Purchasing Tetley Tea Review

When & Where:

English Breakfast – Traditional. Picture a full English Breakfast in front of you: beans, egg, bacon, sausages, tomatoes, toast, black pudding (or veggie options if you wish). What do you picture next to it? A cup of tea? English Breakfast tea all the way.

Decaf – Trying to cut caffeine out? Pregnant? Can’t sleep with a single sip of caffeine induced liquids? Then this is the option for you, which luckily enough, will go with anything you decide to eat at the same time. Win win!

Earl Grey – Imagine being sat around a posh table with your family, an afternoon tea spread across the round table. Seeing happy faces sipping on Earl Grey Tea, which really compliments the various cakes and sandwiches with the touch of warm berries, definitely a drink for the sophisticated, hence the afternoon tea!

Lemon & Ginger – think Lemsip with a hint of ginger. Sounds good? For this very particular taste, the lovers of ginger are winning. With a fruit salad, is what this tea would work with the best. Or, if you have a nasty cough, this is the perfect drink to sip your sorrows away.

Mint Infusion – Been for a run? To the gym? Want to continue feeling fresh? Grab a protein bar and take a gulp of this delicious Mint Infusion tea. This refreshing tea will re energize you, to get your levels back up after having a sweaty session.

Raspberry and Pomegranate – Looking for a healthy alternative to fruit juice? Tetley’s Raspberry and Pomegranate tea is a winner. Smelling just like fruit juice, tasting as good as it smells. Your health kick awaits you. You could even have this with your breakfast, setting you up for the day with the fruity goodness.

Chamomile – Needing to cut down your sugar intake? Chamomile tea is perfect for helping with Diabetes, for treating cuts and soothers a stomach ache. Also, it helps you sleep. What better way to end a day with a cup of Chamomile and a sugar-free treat?

Green TeaGreen tea on an empty stomach is great for all those powerful antioxidants. With any meal also, it suits all. Compounds in Green Tea can improve brain function and make you smarter, all the more reason to have a cuppa.

Green Tea With Mango – This blend is brilliant for a summer’s day, sat around at a BBQ. Tropical and refreshing, you can even put some ice in it for an iced tea, to help with the heat! This Green Tea With Mango is the perfect added touch to your summer party. The Iced tea, in a bucket with a load of cut up fresh fruit to compliment the flavours – that would certainly go down a treat.

Green Tea With Lemon – Are you a sucker for lemon? This Green Tea With Lemon again would make a fantastic iced tea drink. Throw in some freshly squeezed lemon juice and a couple of cut up lemons to add to the taste and you’re laughing.


The Blind Taste Test!

We Put Our Kettle and Our Taste Buds to the Test This Week with a Blind Tasting of Our Tetley Teabags, the Results Were Unanimous:

Chamomile: This one doesn’t smell nice! If you want to enjoy it, just don’t smell it! We warned you.

Mint: We can smell you a mile off; there is no hiding this distinctive tea.

Raspberry & Pomegranate: Like warm Ribena, a unanimous guess of summer berries.

English breakfast: A familiar favourite, more please.

Lemon & Green tea: Lemon, lemon, lemon – but with green tea hidden? No one guessed it – like hiding vegetables from a child, it worked on us!

Lemon & Ginger: The Lemsip resemblance is there! We found you.

Green Tea With Mango: Tastes like exotic fruit juice. Glad there’s no green in it!

Green Tea: Smells like pure health! Please pass the sugar.

Decaf: Smells like regular tea, without the kick.

Earl Grey: Warm berries, herbal scent…. we know who you are.


Tetley – we love you!

Collective Purchasing Tetley Tea Review