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Muller’s CEO Responds to Dairy Protests Surrounding Controversial Milk Prices:

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Muller has responded to the recent spate of protests surrounding the controversy over the dairy organisation’s decision to not increase its September prices. In a statement handed out to dairy farmers, Ronald Kers, Group CEO of Muller said he wanted to put more “context” around the milk pricing position the company has adapted. He said that being a supplier for a “diverse and well invested” dairy business means greater protection from the extremes of a “boom and bust commodity cycle. You benefit from a milk price which is both stable and competitive in a market which is characterised by extreme volatility,” Mr Kers stated. 

Care Homes in the UK Rated Top for Dignity by Eight out of 10 Residents and Relatives:

The study carried out by, the UK’s leading care home reviews website, revealed that 82 per cent of residents and relatives gave care homes in the UK the top rating for Dignity and Staff, closely followed by Care and Support at 79 per cent and Management at 76 per cent. Only 64 per cent gave care homes a top score for Food and Drink. In the wake of the research, is urging care homes to do more to ensure residents are stimulated after it found only a half (52 per cent) of residents and relatives rated activities in care homes as ‘excellent’. One in 10 said activities in care homes were ‘very poor’, ‘poor’ or ‘satisfactory’. Just over a third said they were ‘good’. There are over 24,500 reviews of UK care homes on

Davina Ludlow, director of, said: “It is so reassuring to see that a high number of reviews are receiving the top rating for Dignity and Care and Support. There are so many care homes out there that provide such good care to all their residents and these reviews prove this.

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Stronger Action Is Needed to Protect Older People Who Are at Risk of Financial Abuse, According to Age UK: The Charity Said an Estimated 130,000 Older People Across the UK Have Suffered Some Form of Financial Abuse from Someone Known to Them Since Turning 65 – and Those with Dementia or Reduced Cognitive Function Are Particularly Vulnerable. It Wants Health and Social Services and the Financial Sectors to Work More Closely Together to Recognise the Signs of Financial Abuse and Report Them.

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Volunteering Boosts Mental Health and Well Being in Later Life:

Research has revealed that choosing to volunteer later in life can improve a person’s well being and help their mental health. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Southampton and the University of Birmingham, It found that the effects of volunteering before the age of 40 did not apply, suggesting that volunteering can have a stronger, more positive effect at certain points in life.

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New Research Hints at Pattern of Alzheimer’s Spread in the Brain:
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Protein variations could provide explanation as to why some brain tissues are vulnerable and help predict an individual’s risk of developing the disease. Scientists say that they have discovered a possible explanation for how Alzheimer’s disease spreads in the brain. Alzheimer’s is linked to a buildup of protein plaques and tangles that spread across particular tissues in the brain as the disease progresses. But while the pattern of this spread is well-known, the reason behind the pattern is not. Now scientists say they have uncovered a potential explanation as to why certain tissues of the brain are more vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease.

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Two handled suba cup/beaker: The Warwick Suba Cup makes it easier to drink with its easy grip handles. Also comes with a clear narrow spout & lid. 250ml capacity.

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