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The Weekly Vine

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A care home manager, who spent 21 years working at a care home in Reigate is unemployed, following her suspension for posted residents’ images on Facebook, a year before the home is to be shut down: Rachel Burns posted photographs and a video of residents singing and having fun at the Park Hall Resource Centre in Reigate last October to celebrate Halloween. But two months later, Surrey County Council began disciplinary procedures against Ms Burns for breaching its social media policy by identifying a resident.

Combining virtual reality and treadmill training could help prevent falls in older adults, according to new research published in The Lancet: Researchers believe the intervention, which combines the physical and cognitive aspects of walking, could potentially be used in gyms, rehabilitation centres or nursing homes to improve safe walking and prevent falls in older adults or people with disorders which affect movement such as Parkinson’s disease.

Memory loss caused by dementia could be reversed 24p drug: Dementia could be halted by a painkiller commonly prescribed for period pain. Scientists have revealed mefenamic acid – which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug – (NSAID) sold in Britain as Ponstan Forte – also reduced brain inflammation when tested on mice.

Hospital which allows family to stay overnight with elderly relatives is praised by dementia experts. A hospital which allows family members to stay overnight with relatives who have dementia is in the running for two awards. Wishaw General Hospital was the first in Scotland to adopt John’s Campaign, where relatives can stay with loved ones on the ward round the clock.

The hospital scooped two of the three available nominations in the acute care initiative category of Scotland’s Dementia Awards.


Coeliac UK Launches Gluten Free Food Checker App.

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“Managing your gluten-free diet while out and about can be a challenge as our increasingly busy lifestyles mean we’re doing more on the hop.

Our smartphone app, Gluten-free on the Move, aims to help you manage every element of your gluten-free diet, whether it’s shopping for food or finding somewhere to eat out.

The app includes access to the Food and Drink Directoryand you can scan items as you shop to see if they are suitable for your gluten-free diet and listed in our Directory, search through the additions and deletions in real time, use the Gluten-free Checklist to help you search through a product’s ingredients list and more.

The Venue Guide will use the location services on your phone so you can search for venues where you are. You can see which venues we’ve accredited too, so you know who has worked with us” –  Coeliac UK.

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Make us your first stop – Whether you know the exact make and model you are after or need greater assistance on what to choose, we will give a no obligation quote on any item.

Our prices are competitive with a huge range of available suppliers to choose from.

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