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The Weekly Vine:

26th August: Welcome to Our Weekly Vine. Grab a Cuppa & Give Us a Read for Your News and Collective Updates.

Heathrow Becomes World’s First ‘Dementia-Friendly’ Airport:

Heathrow is launching a programme that will train airport staff on how to help travellers suffering cognitive decline. To put them at ease, all 76,000 staff members working at Heathrow Airport will be trained on how to support these fliers. Passing through security has been identified as a particularly stressful part of the airport experience. Security staff will be trained on how to identify potential fliers with dementia and reduce anxiety during this step of the process. Likewise, front line staff who work regularly with passengers with ‘hidden disabilities’ such as autism, hearing and visual impairments and dementia, will undergo in-depth training, while designated quiet lounges will help these passengers relax.

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The Weekly Vine

As we are all watching the Olympics in Rio, the Brazilian currency has gotten stronger. Being the world’s largest exporter of coffee and sugar, and second largest for beef, all three products have seen rises in prices.

Hundreds of Volunteers to Help Spot Early Alzheimer’s:

British researchers are hoping to shed new light on the very early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, with the help of hundreds of volunteers. Using techniques including wearable technology, they are looking for what are known as biomarkers – the very early physical signs of the disease. These can be spotted long before more obvious symptoms emerge. They hope it will open up new avenues for tackling Alzheimer’s before the brain suffers serious damage.

Bacon Butty Prices Soar as Post Brexit Demand from China Increase:

The price of a British bacon sandwich could be about to soar due to increased demand from China and the impact of Brexit, according to purchasing company, Beacon. In the first six months of 2016 exports of British pig meat have increased by 40,000 tonnes, compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, over half of EU pork exports – 1.2m tonnes – have gone to China, a 60% increase on the same period last year.

#NationalBurgerDay – Yum!

Time to eat burgers! Our suppliers have a huge range of products that can fulfill your burger cravings. Even if you are vegetarian – we have you covered!

Gourmet burgers are in fashion, why not make it as fancy as you can? One of our favourites is beetroot with goats cheese!

Price Spectrum:

Cheddar (due to falling milk supplies), Milk supplies have fallen due to smaller dairy herd after levels of slaughter in 2015. In June 2016, milk production fell 7% year on year to 1.2 billion litres

EU pig prices have risen. The falling value of the pound has also made UK pork more popular over EU counterparts.

Thai rice prices are on a high

New Zealand and UK lamb – both due to low production

Sunflower Oil

Arabica Coffee – due to improved weather in Brazil

Furniture and Equipment Department:

Our dedicated furniture and equipment department can supply competitive prices for anything from towels and bed linen to care equipment and beds.

Make us your first stop – Whether you know the exact make and model you are after or need greater assistance on what to choose, we will give a no obligation quote on any item.

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The Weekly Vine

Product of the Week:

Vogue Polypropylene Mobile Trolley Large!

The Weekly Vine

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