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What Difference Your Donation Could Make to a Charity

Collective Purchasing Charity Week Is Here. We Believe We Should All Help out When and Where We Can. Check out Our Top 7 Charities and How They Spend Their Donations:

Charity Week

 “A handful of top charities continue to dominate the market, with little change in the composition of the top 10 over the past five years”.

The Top 100 Fundraising Charities Spotlight, published by the data provider Charity Financials, shows that the overall income of the top 100 fundraising charities grew by 7 per cent in 2014/15 compared with the previous year, its highest rate of growth for five years.

 Cancer Research UK: £446.5m (2014)

Charity Week

When You Give Money:

You help Cancer Research scientists get closer to finding a cure. Giving as little as £2 a month could fund something as big as a new research centre or as small as glass slides to analyse cancer cells. Read more here.

British Heart Foundation:£263.8m (2014)

Charity Week

The costs of fundraising and governing the charity last year were £32.7 million. This means nearly 78 per cent (£114.6m) of the money they raised was available for the life saving research and supporting heart patients.

In other words, for every £1 raised, around 78p was available for directly fighting heart and circulatory disease including heart attacks, strokes and congenital heart defects.

Charity Week

Macmillan Cancer Support:£214.1m (2014)

Charity Week

“You’re part of a huge movement that’s making a real difference to people affected by cancer. Almost everything we do, from Macmillan nurses to providing cancer information to helping people with money worries, relies on donations. We simply would not be here without supporters like you.

So you have the right to know you can trust us to be honest and treat you with respect. When you give to Macmillan, we give you our word your money will help make sure no one faces cancer alone” – Macmillan Cancer Support.

Oxfam: £192.8m (2014)

Charity Week

“On average for every £1 received by Oxfam, we invest 82p on our humanitarian, development and campaigning work. We invest 8p to raise further funds, and we invest 10p on support and running costs such as paying the salaries of staff who work all year round to deliver our work and who ensure we are effective and accountable”.

Charity Week

Sightsavers: £184.7m (2014)

“From every £1 we receive, 91.8p goes towards our vital work, 7.7 p grows awareness and funds, the other 0.5p makes sure everything runs properly”.

Charity Week

RNLI: £170.9m (2014)

Charity Week

“As a charity, we depend on people like you to help us meet the cost of saving lives at sea. Our volunteer lifeboat crew members give their time for free, but they need training, well-maintained equipment, lifeboats and shore facilities. Your support means our crews can save lives quickly, safely and effectively”.

Each Year It Costs over £140M to Run Our Lifesaving Service:

Giving the lifesavers everything they need and deserve – from boots to boats – is costly. There are 235 lifeboat stations around the UK and Republic of Ireland, and the lifeguards patrol over 200 beaches each Summer.

In 2013 our £144.6M running costs were divided up into:

Lifeboat service


Lifeboat property and equipment


Fundraising and legacies


Lifeguard rescue


Safety, education and awareness


British Red Cross:
£139.1m (2014)

Charity WeekFor thousands of vulnerable people in the UK and overseas, the Red Cross is a sign of hope in crisis, meeting both immediate and longer term needs.

Donations to the British Red Cross can be used to support all our work. Our experience of working with people in emergency situations around the world means we can allocate our resources in the most effective ways possible.

The British Red Cross will use your donation wherever the need is greatest, both internationally and in the UK.

UK Overseas
Could help train someone in life-saving first aid skills here in the UK. £5 Supply 2,000L of purified water
Buy a first aid kit for Emergency Response teams to use in the UK £10 Could buy 5 jerry cans to enable a family to transport and store water safely
Hire a community centre to run a young people’s drop-in centre for an evening £20 Provide blankets to keep a family in war-ravaged areas warm and dry
Buy a box of 125 bandages for students to learn how to dress injuries £50 Could provide a group of farmers with 33 fruit tree seedlings
Could pay for a transit wheelchair £100 Could provide four food parcels for people displaced by conflict

How You Can Get Involved:

Whether you are a care home looking for a reason to have an event, a cafe wanting to give some money to charity or a wannabe fundraiser looking for your next challenge. Here are some of many ideas for you think have a think about:

Cake Sale

Recycling for charity

Host themed parties

Cheese and Wine nights

Tea and coffee Mornings

Charity lunch or dinner

Karaoke nights

Weekly donations

Car boot sales

Battle of the bands

Sell flowers from your garden