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9th September: Grab a Cuppa & Give Us a Read for Your News and Collective Updates.

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Here are Collective Purchasing, we pride ourselves on not only our friendly customer service but our CP Dairy too! We save businesses money on their dairy supplies all the time, let us complete a free-of-charge invoice comparison for you!

Collective Purchasing Has Launched #CareHour! Come and Join Us Every Wednesday Between 2-3pm.

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Check out the recent article we featured in for #CareHour: Click here. 

Tomatoes Price Rise Due to Bad Weather:

Bad weather has hit Europe, causing a tightening to the tomato supplies and a price rise has appeared. The wet weather means some of the crops planted were under very difficult conditions and some were even abandoned altogether. Both Italy and Spain are expecting delays in harvest and a decline in tomato yields.

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Price Spectrum:

↑ Milk, Pork, Tea, Nuts, Tomatoes

↓ Coffee, Lamb, Eggs, Potatoes, Peppers.


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National Museums Liverpool has launched House of Memories. An award-winning training programme, which is for carers of people who are living with dementia. It provides participants with information about dementia and equips them with the practical skills and knowledge to facilitate a positive quality of life experience for people living with dementia. To find out more and to watch a video, click here.


“September is World Alzheimer’s Month, an international campaign to raise awareness and challenge stigma. It’s a time for action, a global movement united by its call for change, but also a time to reflect on the impact of dementia, a disease that will affect more and more people as the years pass,” – Alzheimer’s Disease International.

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Credit: Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Son documents last 5 years of fathers life suffering from dementia:

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A beautiful, rare insight into the final years of a dementia patient has been placed for the view of public in London. As part of a month long series of events raising awareness about the condition. It’s thought more than 70 thousands Londoners live with the illness. One of those was Ronnie Seymour. He agreed for his son to document the last 5 years of his life, to help others understand what patients and their families can go through. The exhibition, ‘Living with dementia: A harmonica for Ronnie’ is on at the Andipa Gallery in Knightsbridge until the 8th of October.

Are You a Sausage Lover?

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The organisers of British Sausage Week (31 October-6th November) are looking for a judge to help them choose the nation’s finest bangers. This includes measuring the length and who can hold their giggles in the longest.

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