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A New ‘Three-A-Day’ Campaign Is Due to Be Launched to Promote the Nutritional Benefits of Milk, Butter and Cheese:

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Britain’s dairy farmers are facing a crisis due to falling demand – because health professionals are treating milk and dairy products ‘as the enemy. David Dobbin, chief executive of United Dairy Farmers has said younger generations are drinking far less milk than their parents and grandparents did. He said a ‘three-a-day’ campaign is going to be launched to promote the nutritional benefits of dairy products in a bid to turn the tide.

“Sales of plant milk are going through the roof as consumers opt for plant-based versions made from soy, almond, coconut, hazelnut and more. Our younger generations are growing up more compassionate, and better informed about the impact their choices make on the world around them. Instead of listening to people who have a vested interest in dairy sales, we need to follow the trend set by younger people and switch away from dairy”. – Huffington Post

Dementia Doll Therapy:

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Care homes across the UK have found that with some residents with dementia, giving them a doll to cuddle and talk to can be hugely comforting and can be very useful in calming them if they are distressed.

For care homes interested in going down the dementia doll therapy route, Mr Mitchell, who has written a book Doll Therapy in Dementia Care, advises:

1. Communication: Inform family and healthcare professionals before the introduction of dolls. Family members should be provided with a summary of the potential benefits. Importantly, all parties must be made aware that when a doll is introduced and is accepted by a person with dementia, it will not usually be removed.

2. If doll therapy is to be utilised by more than one person with dementia in the same unit, healthcare professionals should seek to provide different styles of doll (i.e. wearing different clothes). This will limit potential confusion over doll ownership as a doll should only belong to one person.

3. Avoid dolls that cry, or have their eyes closed. These have been shown to distress some people with dementia who engage with dolls either because they can’t stop their doll from crying or they believe their doll to be a baby that has died.

4. Assist people with dementia to make their own choice about engaging with dolls (i.e. do not force them on everyone, rather place them in an area where people with dementia can make their own decisions). Naturally, this can be difficult as mobility or sight of the person is reduced.

5. Keep accurate care plans relating to the doll therapy. Of particular importance is monitoring levels of fatigue as caring for a doll as if it were a baby is a tiring process.

6. If a person with dementia calls their doll by a certain name, all healthcare professionals and family members should be encouraged to do the same. Also if the resident believes the doll to be a baby this should also not be invalidated.

7. The doll should never be removed without the permission of the person of dementia. When removing the doll, healthcare professionals and family members should hold the doll as if it was a living baby and explain where they are taking the doll (i.e. if it is dirty, the doll is going for a wash).

8. If storing the baby, do not place it in a box, on the floor, on a radiator etc. It should be placed in a safe place as the person engaging with dolls may perceive their baby to be in danger.

Ted McDermott and His Son Simon Have Raised More Than £100,000 for Alzheimer’s Society After Their ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Style Version of Engelbert Humperdinck’s 60s Hit ‘Quando, Quando, Quando’ Went Viral Last Month.

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Recycle Unusable Items at Your Local Barnardo’s Store, to Help Raise Vital Funds for the UK’s Most Vulnerable Children:

Why Recycle with Barnardo’s?

Recycling unusable goods in store is a quick and simple way to raise vital funds for Barnardo’s, whilst reducing the amount of waste which ends up in landfill.Recycling helps lower the demand for raw materials, and is one way in which our community can help protect the environment.
Any goods you donate will be recycled and put to good use, whilst helping transform the lives of vulnerable young people.What Can I Recycle with Barnardo’s?Recycling with us couldn’t be easier. Simply drop your items in your local store and we’ll do the rest!The Weekly Vine

NFU Urges MPs to Show Support on Back British Farming Day:

Wednesday 14 September saw the NFU calling on every MP to show their support for their local farmers by wearing a specially made British lapel pin for Back British Farming Day.

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Made by hand with British wheat and wool, the pins have been sent directly to 649 MPs to wear on the day and during Prime Minister’s Questions.

NFU Deputy President Minette Batters said: “British farming has a remarkable story to tell; it provides the raw ingredients for a food and drink industry worth £108 billion to the UK economy and also employs one in eight of the nation’s work force. British farming’s production was valued at £25.8 billion with much of it feeding the nation and playing a part in feeding the world. Our farmers and growers are proud to produce quality, tasty and affordable food, while looking after the environment and adhering to world-class welfare standards. Home-grown food is also something the British public is proud of too – 77% agree that it’s important to support British farming according to government statistics. Back British Farming Day, coinciding with the second PMQs of the autumn parliamentary calendar, is the opportunity for MPs to publicly show their support for the nation’s ability to grow its own food and the farmers and rural communities that enable this to happen.”

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Buffalo Double Tank Countertop Fryer 2 x 5 Ltr

With a robust stainless steel design and lift off lid, this powerful deep fat fryer from Buffalo is a great value, high output solution for busy commercial caterers. The 5 litre tanks are capable of handling high demand periods and the adjustable thermostat ensures you maintain control of the entire cooking process. The robust fryer baskets are strong and durable, perfect for the busy catering establishment.

Product features: Adjustable thermostatic controls for each tank, Lift off stainless steel lid supplied, Baskets included, Capacity 2x 5Ltr, Dimensions 300(H) x 540(W) x 400(D)mm, Power Type 2x 2.8kW, 12A, Warranty 2 Years, Plug fitted Yes.

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