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30th September: Grab a Cuppa & Give Us a Read for Your News and Collective Updates.

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Steak Continues to Help UK Beef Sales Grow:

450,000 more shoppers have been buying beef this summer. The steak market has been the most popular during the BBQ season, however the increase in the demand has been shortening the supply.

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World School Milk Day 2016:

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This year The Dairy Council want to get everybody moving and shaking on 28th September to celebrate World School Milk Day with a mass dance in primary schools across Great Britain.
Tweet a video of your class strutting their stuff for World School Milk Day and you’ll be in with a chance to win shakers for the entire dance troop! 20 winning videos will be drawn at random from the entries received during the competition period.

The Weekly VineHow to Enter:

1.Film your class dancing in celebration of World School Milk Day 2016.
2.Tweet your video with the hashtags #WSMD16 & #MilkShakeMoves during the competition period.

Red Wine Could Boost Brain Power Due to Compound Found in Grapes, Scientists Believe:

A research team at Northumbria University are examining resveratrol (which is found in red wine) and its effect on blood flow. The team believes the substance may boost mental function by increasing blood flow to the brain and wants to test the theory with the help of healthy volunteer subjects. A study on people aged 18-35 has already been carried out, with some participants demonstrating improved performance when their mental function was tested.

The university, based in Newcastle, is now looking for healthy male or female participants aged between 50-70 years to assess the effects of resveratrol. Volunteers will also get £30 for their time.

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British Lion Eggs Safe to Enjoy Again:

After more than a quarter of a century, The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said that pregnant women, babies and older people can begin to eating their eggs runny – as long as they have the British stamp on them.

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Tackling Food Waste:

The UK education sector is generating £250 million worth of food waste a year according to new research. This amounts to a huge 336 tonnes of food waste every day across nurseries, schools, colleges and universities.

From the research, it has been realised that urgent obvious change of attitudes in both staff and students need to be reached. This current ‘throw-away’ culture of waste is getting out of hand with an average of 52% of customers don’t finish their plates. Their eyes are too big for the bellies so it seems.


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Organic September Highlights the True Cost of Food:

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Helen Browning, chief executive of the Soil Association, discusses the benefits of organic – for farmers, the environment and our health – and calls for the UK government to do more.

“We started Organic September more than a decade ago. Inspired by National Organic Harvest Month in America, it originally took place over one week, the traditional time of harvest and like its American counterpart, it was set up to promote and celebrate organic produce. This was initially done through small fairs but in the past five years, the campaign has been adopted by the whole sector with measurable increases in sales and awareness of organic products during the month. More recently, social media has revolutionised the way people engage with it. Another big change has been the participation of specialist retailers like Planet Organic and Whole Foods, as well as supermarkets from Aldi to Waitrose. Our focus is on getting as many people as possible involved and to choose organic in a way that suits their lifestyle. This could mean swapping a few items of their usual grocery shop to organic versions, or opting to try an organic moisturiser or lip balm.

The UK organic market is currently worth £1.95bn and demand for organic produce has continued to grow over the last year, prompting sector body the Soil Association to suggest that, rather than a niche product, organic is becoming an “everyday choice for everybody”. Big supermarket giant Waitrose is fully supporting it. Hopefully in the years to come more people will turn to organic:

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Waitrose says, “With over three quarters of food sales going through large supermarket chains, we are an important channel of communication for any brand or organisation that wants to reach the nation’s food shoppers. Our support helps organisations such as the Soil Association to extend their message, whilst equipping our own food-savvy customers with the information they are seeking to make their own informed choices.”

Price Spectrum:

↑ Milk, British Sparkling Wine, Poultry, Pineapple, Salmon, Olive Oil, Tea, Palm Oil, Coffee, Beetroot, Bananas, Bacon, Rapeseed Oil, Nuts, Sugar.

↓ , Rice, Eggs, Potatoes, Wheat, Parsnips, Tomatoes, Cocoa Beans, Wheat, Cotton.

Living with Animals Is Good for Your Health:

Growing up on a farm appears to be good for you, according to new study. Researchers have found adults who lived on a farm when they were young had a lower risk of allergies and the women also had stronger lungs than those who grew up in urban or rural areas.

‘Farm kids’ were 54 per cent less likely to have asthma or hay fever and 57 per cent less likely to have allergic nasal symptoms than their urban counterparts.

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