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International Volunteer Day:

International Volunteer Day: Why Should You Volunteer?

International Volunteer Day

International Volunteer Day is here, Collective are here to express the reasons why getting involved in International Volunteer Day every day is the way forward! 

Teaches you new skills: International Volunteer Day

When you decide to volunteer at your local food bank, charity shop or event you will undoubtedly gain new experiences and qualities. Volunteering will give you challenges to dive in to, just like you would if you start a new job. This might seem to be quite nerve wrecking however quite exciting at the same time. 

Helps you stay active and healthy: International Volunteer Day

Are you in an exercise rut and need to find a way to get out and about? Well volunteering keeps you active, getting into a routine to help your local community to a great motivation to do this. 

Fills up your CV: International Volunteer Day

Adding to your professional experience never harms you. Filling up your CV with countless volunteering entries will make you look even better than just your paid work/placements. 

Can potentially lead to work: International Volunteer Day

Starting to help out at your local charity shop or getting involved in organising events will start as not being paid – however it could lead to a paid position once your knowledge and commitment has been recognised. Think of it like proving yourself before being given the job. 

Can be therapeutic: International Volunteer Day

Whatever type of volunteering you wish to complete, you may be surprised to find that it actually has a therapeutic effect. For example, working with disabled children, the elderly or the homeless will give you a feeling of giving something back to the community and those in need. Volunteering helps you look outside of your own problems and gets you to a point where you have a whole different outlook and perspective.

Helps improve your social skills: International Volunteer Day

Do you struggle to put yourself in social situations? Maybe you suffer from anxiety and like to stick to your own routine and not take yourself out of your comfort zone? Volunteering will help you a bunch, it can be a useful tool in your battle and a permanent excuse to talk to people and put yourself out there. 

Can teach you what truly matters in your own life: International Volunteer Day

Opening your life to a new environment and working skills could make you reevaluate your priorities and even your dream career. Associating yourself with new types of people that you normally wouldn’t socialise with, will also make you a more of a rounded person. 

Helps you make new friendsInternational Volunteer Day

Maybe not so surprising, but what might surprise you, is how genuine these friends are. Meeting people through a less fortunate environment will bring people together who have the same or very similar views on life. 

Expands your network: International Volunteer Day

One of the great things with volunteering, is that you meet a very wide variety of people. Instead of looking at it in a negative light of meeting people you don’t have a lot in common with, think of it as expanding your network. You’re getting to know people involved in many different walks in life that you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. 

Helps you grow as a person: International Volunteer Day

It all comes down to one line: Volunteering helps you grow. Not only as a person it can help you develop your skill set as well. 

So if you’ve ever considered volunteering, what are you waiting for?International Volunteer Day