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Collective Purchasing: Dry January

January: Love your liver month

January comes hand in hand with the incentive to not drink alcohol for the month. Dry January is an attempt to make up for the amount of food and drink we all consumed during the festive period.

If you are a regular consumer of alcohol, it would do your body the world of good if you were to detox away from it for a month. Definitely worth a shot, you will even be able to see the difference in your health!

Your liver is very important, you need it to clean your blood from toxic chemicals, to create bile which breaks down the fat from the food you eat and it also stores glucose for those moments of energy you need. So it’s important, you need it so why not take good care of it?

Nowadays people tend to overeat and their diets aren’t that great -meaning our livers becoming damaged and overworked . However, there are many foods you can eat to help cleanse the liver.

Dry January

Facts to keep your liver healthy:

  • Research shows that having a daily coffee could actually be good for your liver!
  • Your diet is important for all areas of your health, same goes for keeping your liver happy. Regular intake of garlic, cabbage, walnuts, lemons, limes, avocados, grapefruit, beetroot, apples, olive oil and green tea (to name a few) will help your liver keep a smile on its face. Also your liver’s favourite spice is Turmeric as it supports enzymes that actively flush out dietary carcinogens.
  • Be careful with medicines, for example if you take too much of acetaminophen (Tylenol) then it will damage your liver.

Love Your Liver is a national awareness campaign run by the British Liver Trust – the leading adult liver health charity.

The British Liver Trust is a national charity that seeks to reduce the incidence and impact of liver disease by raising awareness, improving early detection, supporting patients and families, and supporting medical research when funding allows.

Dry January