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Collective Purchasing: Twinings Review


Here at Collective Purchasing, we love our tea and coffee breaks. “Anyone for a cuppa?!” is a common sentence in our office. Twinings helped us out with an exciting post day by sending us lovely samples of their pretty looking teas. 

Twinings Review Collective Purchasing


Flavoured teas are the new fashion, driving younger users to try and regularly use these products.

Collective Purchasing Twinings Reveiw

Why not spice up how you offer tea in your business? Credit: Twinings

30% of under 25 year olds have increased their tea consumption in the past year.

Twinings Review

Icing your tea and adding some Monin syrup could be the key to your profit. Credit: Twinings

Twinings has said after research they have found that consumers are willing to pay more for improved, tastier, healthier tea flavours and options. 

Twinings Review

Making tea look and taste more attractive brings in new audiences. Credit: Twinings

The public are generally happy to pay that much extra for premium teas, exotic flavours, vibrant colours and attractive packaging.  


We tried and tested 11 flavours that Twinings offers, around the office, taking note of the smell, taste and thoughts on each one. Here are our results:

Twinings Nutty Chocolate Flavour Assam:

Are you a chocolate lover trying to find a healthier way to get your fix? Twining’s Nutty Chocolate  is right up there for us! Once the teabag is set and the mug is full of boiling water, the smell is like Ferrero Roche – it actually makes you think you have just opened a fresh batch of hazelnut and praline – definitely mouthwatering. Collective have found the perfect trick, if you pop in one sugar and let it settle, the taste is spot on! Yummy chocolate flavour with a mild nut scent.

Twinings Citrus Ginger Twist: 

Once we opened the envelope to pop the Citrus Ginger Twist tea bag into our mug, the smell of ginger was very strong! We love the idea of a ginger and citrus tea because of the health benefits, help fighting a cold and being a healthier option on your tea break. The taste is really pleasant, you can definitely taste both main ingredients, just don’t put the teabag in your face to smell beforehand because it is very overpowering! 

Twinings Redbush Caramel Velvet: 

Redbush Caramel Velvet had very mixed views from the Collective office. The smell of the teabag definitely shouted caramel, very strong and sweet smelling. Some in the office felt this was too much, whilst others enjoyed the smell before you try aspect of the test. The taste is strong, however if you are a lover of caramel and red velvet cake, we would advise you to try this yummy tea! 

Twinings Apple and Elderflower: 

Twining’s Apple and Elderflower has won the smell test – it’s delicious! Letting off a smell like sour apple sweets, just like you have walked into a pic ‘n’ mix shop. The taste isn’t quite as strong as the smell, however that won’t stop us from drinking this on a regular occasion. This would also fit in very nicely to a healthy diet, and a brilliant alternative to a milky tea or coffee.

Twinings The Full English Breakfast Blend: 

The Full English Breakfast Blend is a credit to the lovely classic English tea, our favourite. We would drink this 10 times a day everyday if we wouldn’t explode from tea! Splash some milk in their and a sweetener (or sugar), and you have the perfect start – middle and end of your day.

Twinings Thoroughly Minty: 

Do you enjoy a refreshing minty drink throughout your working day? Twining’s Thoroughly Minty is right up there with the super minty like toothpaste smell.  Tasting  like a breath of fresh air, this one we really enjoyed. A mixture of both peppermint and spearmint, it gives you the edge of both flavours – rather than just one.

Twinings Passion fruit Flavour Ceylon: 

We think Twining’s Passion fruit Flavour Ceylon smells slightly like liquroish. We were intrigued by this one as we hadn’t even thought of a passion fruit tea before, the taste is really fruity and flowery. Ceylon teas originate on hill sides in Sri Lanka, and is a strong tea – so if you like your tea strong, this is the one for you!

Twinings The Mighty Assam: 

Assam tea is known to be full of  body, briskness,  a malty flavour, and strong, bright colour. Twining’s Mighty Assam doesn’t fail this reputation. Standing to be fullbodied, gives you a boost to wake up and holding its strong historic taste, we have a strong contender for the winner here. Add milk if you please, even some sugar too – this is a healthier option to a coffee or an energy drink. 

Twinings Bollywood Chai Latte: 

We think this tea has the prettiest packet of them all and really gives you a sense of something exotic before you even open the envelope! Twining’s Bollywood Chai Latte has a strong pleasant smell  that hits you when you open the envelope, a bit like fruit cake if you will. For those who like chai latte, this is one you need to have in your life.  

Twinings Gingerbread Chai Latte: 

Another favourite in the office, Twining’s Gingerbread Chai Latte. This one was in competition with the Hollywood Chai Latte – however this one brings the gingerbread instead of the Indian spices! The competition comes down to what mood you are in – if you fancy something that is more exotic or if you in the mood for a little bit of Christmas. 

Twinings Superfruity:

Do you love really fruity things? This is the one for you. If you aren’t so keen on fruity teas then we would suggest this isn’t for you. Also! Top tip: do not leave the teabag in for too long – otherwise its going to be a very strong tea for you. Superfruity’s smell is inviting, you can smell strawberry and other berries – the scent would make a really good room air freshener! However the taste was too strong for us!


Overall, we love the packaging on all of Twinings envelope triangle teas – they are all really bright, colourful and really grabs your attention from across the room. Our favourites were: Gingerbread Chai Latte, Thoroughly Minty and Redbush Caramel Velvet! 

Twining’s definitely has changed the tea industry and we hope they continue with exciting flavours!