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The Weekly Vine:

3rd March: Hello from Collective Purchasing! Here Is Our Weekly Vine, This Week You Can Find out About the Ally Bally Bee Project, British Pie Week and a Review of Propercorn!

Not So Free Range After All…

The Weekly Vine

It’s all over the news! Free Range Eggs… no longer free range! So let’s eggs-plain this… they are just eggs. Laying hens are now being kept in cages whilst the bird flu scare is about. It’s been released that these emergency measures have been happening since December, but only being declared now. By European Union law, if birds have been housed for more than 12 weeks they cannot be marketed as free range. The government is going to review the restrictions in April, when farmers hope the risk of bird flu will be lower because many wild birds will have migrated. Weekly Vine

One of our lovely suppliers have released an official statement on the egg crisis: click here to check it out.

The Ally Bally Bee Project Tackling Dementia Knowledge for Younger Generations:

Dementia is something that society needs to try to understand more due to the amount of us who will develop it in our later years. A problem commonly faced is trying to explain to a little child why their grandparents no longer know their name, or understand who they are. This is where The Ally Bally Bee Project has been born. A children’s book which will educate and inform the younger generations what dementia is and how to cope with being around somebody who suffers from it. You can personalise the book, and order yours online.

You can see who came up with this fantastic idea by, clicking here – the mission of the whole project asks with the question how do you explain dementia to a six year old?”

The Weekly VineTo find out more, click here

Want to keep your bread for longer? Now we can!

The Weekly Vine

A company in Germany called Deutscheback has announced that they have found the winning element to keeping our bread and baked goods fresher for longer. This is down to a new and improved enzyme system… watch this space (we guess!)

Other News:

Cucumber has been named ‘Flavour Of The Year’ – Click here to find out why.

Sainsburys trialling autism friendly shopping 

Quorn mince with the date August 2017 being recalled over tiny pieces of metal being found, Click here for more.

Tesco official #WasteNotWantNot campaign sponsor now too, joining Unilever.

#British Pie Week Next Week!

Collective’s fav pie recipe that you should totally try out: Lamb and Cheese Pie! 

Weekly Vine

Click here for the recipe 

Propercorn Product Review:

The Weekly Vine

My father was a hopeless cook, but made the best popcorn. Together, we’d spend hours experimenting with ingredients and seasonings, impatiently waiting for each kernel to pop, so that we could try out our latest recipe.

Using these precious memories, I created PROPERCORN.

Since launching in 2011 with my best friend and business partner, Ryan, we have taken great pride in our popcorn, making sure that every pack is both delicious and guilt-free. There shouldn’t have to be a compromise.

“Done Properly” extends far beyond our popcorn. It is our approach to everything we do. Whether we’re designing new packaging, curating our own events or collaborating with artists, our energetic team is always looking to create, in a way that we’re excited by and passionate about.

Done Properly.

I hope you love it,

Propercorn Founder

Propercorn is completely gluten & wheat free, GM free and all the flavours are different and yummy! Check out Collective’s views on each flavour…

The Weekly Vine

Lightly Sea Salted:

Traditionally the favourite of all popcorn for when you go to see a movie at the cinema, however in recent years it could arguably be said that Sweet & Salty has taken the lead of popularity. Propercorn’s Lightly Sea Salted is definitely the nation’s favourite… and one of ours here in the office! Gluten free, GM free and suitable for vegans… perfect for all with special dietary requirements!

Sour Cream & Black Pepper:

Are you a lover of the traditional cheese and onion crisp? Or crave black pepper? The taste of sour cream and black pepper explodes on your taste buds. A sudden rush of sour cream with an after taste of black pepper.  Once you realise that the onion in the flavouring is in fact spring onion, it becomes very obvious as it’s the sweetest of onions. At only 88 calories for a 20g bag, this flavour would definitely do well instead of your regular bag of crisps on your lunch break with your ham and cheese sandwich.

Worcester Sauce and Sundried Tomato:

This flavour is great to have as a mid afternoon snack, or a side to your lunch. Full of strong flavours, tangy, sweet and as stated on the packet, fiery. 93 calories for this tasty treat is great – we would happily eat a bag every day.

Sweet & Salty:

The nations new-cinema-favourite. Sweet and salty, just as it says on the tin… or packet in this case. Yummy sweetness, combined with the salt in the next mouthful. Definitely up there as a favourite within the office and a must try.

Sweet Coconut & Vanilla:

Fancy a flavour that is unique and exotic? The smell of coconut is great when you open the packet, however the flavouring isn’t as strong as the smell. The vanilla extract is the winner with this product. Sweet, with a touch of vanilla. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Smooth Peanut & Almond:

For all your peanut butter lovers. This is the popcorn for you. Another serious winner in the Propercorn gallery. The almond makes the scent very inviting, but the peanut wins the taste test. Moreish, scrummy and definitely tastes naughtier than it’s whole 120 calories that it actually has!


Price spectrum:

↑ Nuts, Seafood, Lettuce, Milk, Cheese, Courgettes, Sweet Potato, Potato, Banana, Tomatoes. 

↓  Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Beans, Rapeseed Oil, Walnuts, Oranges.

F&E promo corner:

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Product of the week:  Athena Hotelware Oval Coupe Plates

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