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The Weekly Vine

9th March: Hello from Collective Purchasing! Here Is Our Weekly Vine, This Week You Can Find out About Berries Boosting Our Good Moods, Veganuary Results, Accessible Toilet Sign Campaign and a Review of Angel Delight!

Berries Could Be the New Happy Pill

The Weekly Vine

A recent study completed by The University of Reading  has revealed berries could be the key to brightening up our moods and improving memory. Both young adults and children took part in the research, after drinking a blueberry beverage; they were assessed on a Positive and Negative Affect Schedule. A significant increase in positive moods was found- there is lots of science to take in to understand the full effects on berries to our brains, click here to read the science.

Vitamin D to the Rescue!

A recent global study by Queen Mary University of London has revealed that vitamin D, otherwise known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’, protects us from the winter colds and flu. 25 clinical trials were conducted in 14 different countries and results support the fact that vitamin D prevents respiratory infections.

The Weekly Vine

#EnjoyMoreWater Begins:

85% of us adults are drinking less than the recommended 8 glasses of fluid a day, according to studies, Robinsons have got a solution! ‘Fruitdrops’, just like the new fashion for veg and fruit boxes being delivered to homes and businesses – this home delivery service is aimed to encourage everyone to drink more water. Britvic’s brand is the perfect flavouring to add to your water and now even easier to get your hands on!

Veganuary Results Are In!

January was the month for Veganuary – raising awareness for veganism. Aiming to educate the public of the benefits of becoming vegan, hoping they will try and attempt to stick to plant based goodness for the whole of January. The results have now been published so we can take a look and see how many of us took part, and who enjoyed it! 67% of the people, who chose to be Vegan for January, have decided to stay Vegan. Check out the rest of the info here.

The Weekly Vine

Accessible Toilet Sign Campaign:

Cardwell Garden Centre are giving full support to 11 year old, Grace Warnock campaigning against discrimination for disabled toilet access. Grace, who suffers from Crohn’s Disease, has launched a Facebook page to raise awareness that not all disabilities mean you are in a wheelchair. A sign has been created explaining this and the aim is to get it displayed in all public places.

The Weekly Vine

To find out more and order signs, click here. 

Nutrition & Hydration Week Is Coming:

13th – 19th March will see the national Nutrition & Hydration week. Pledge your support here & check out the aims here.

Price spectrum:

↑ Bread, Seafood, Milk, Sugar, Sweet Potato, Potatoes, Bananas.

↓ Cocoa Butter, Butter, Cheese, Cocoa Beans, Rapeseed Oil, Tomatoes.

F&E Promo Corner:

The Weekly Vine

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Product Of The Week: Olympia Milk Jug 570ml

Dimensions 110(H) x 80(Ø)mm, Mirror finish, Non-drip spout.

The Weekly Vine

Product Review: Butterscotch Angel Delight

The Weekly Vine

If you are a care home, Angel Delight is the perfect pudding to serve to your hungry residents. A choice of flavours: Strawberry, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate and Banana for those who would have full fat for fortification reasons and upping their calorie intake. For those who might have special dietary requirements and request no sugar, there are Butterscotch and Strawberry available.

Angel Delight is a powered pudding that you simply add your choice of milk to, whisk – and let it set in a fridge for roughly 20 minutes before enjoying.

You can even try something different with your Angel Delight. How do you fancy making Angel Delight ice lollies? Perfect for the summer… and a afternoon treat for residents. Here is a recipe.

The Weekly Vine

Collective tried and tasted the full flavour butterscotch option. Light, fluffy, sweet, creamy and delicious is what we have to say about it! Tastes like it would be completely naughty with calories, however its average amount of calories for one portion is only 118. So a dessert that will fill that sweet tooth craving, which doesn’t overload you with too many calories.

The Weekly Vine

They are available in three variants: four-serving packets, twelve-serving tubs, and single-serving ready-to-eat cups.