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The Weekly Vine

17th March: Hello from Collective Purchasing! Here Is Our Weekly Vine, This Week You Can Find out About Dogs Spotting Cancer, Dementia Friendly Screenings at Cineworld and Much More!

Bidvest Name Change to Bidfood:

It has been announced that one of our wonderful suppliers are changing their name from April 3rd. As the company has evolved, they feel that their name should evolve with it. Bidfood here they come!

The Weekly Vine

What Happens to Pets Once Their Owners Move into Care Homes?

The Weekly Vine

When a person decides to go and live in a residential care or nursing home, the question of where their pets go is a tricky one. It has been published that over 100,000 are re homed and thousands are put down every year. Obviously this is very traumatic for the owner and horrible for the animal.

However it isn’t all doom and gloom, some care homes do accept residents and their pets – which make the transition much more comfortable – here at Collective Purchasing, we are hoping someday all care homes accept pets!

It’s Nutrition & Hydration Week:

The Weekly Vine

13th – 19th March brings the annual Nutrition & Hydration Awareness Week: Promoting the importance of keeping healthy and hydrated. Both on a national and international level, it’s also a time to celebrate improvements over the recent years. The main topics of discussion throughout this week is, protected mealtimes, good nutritional care, continued education and professional development and staff awareness throughout the health and social sector on both their residents and their own hydration and nutritional requirements. Make sure you look after yourself! 

Click here to see the full aims and charter for Nutrition & Hydration Week.

The World’s Plastic Footprint Needs to Stop Growing:

The Weekly Vine

More needs to be done to encourage the public to dispose their plastic bottles in an Eco-friendly way. It has been published by BBC News that plastic bottles are up to 43% of the litter found on British beaches. This is a direct threat to both our marine wildlife and environment. Soft drink manufactures have said more promotion and marketing needs to be put in place to prevent this from happening.

Other countries such as Germany offer a 25-cent refundable charge for each plastic bottle given in to a recycle centre, often found in selected supermarkets. The UK government is now devising a new litter policy.

Tesco Launches ‘Food Waste Hotline’ to Support Suppliers:

The Weekly Vine

Tesco has launched an online ‘food waste hotline’ to help suppliers and growers highlight waste hot spots and work with the retailer to tackle them. This is after Tesco joined The Grocer’s #WasteNotWantNot campaign to educate the public and companies on the importance of food waste. To find out more, click here.

Dogs Trained to Spot Cancer:

It has been published by the BBC that the NHS are currently carrying out trials to see if dogs really can be used to detect cancer within the early stages. It has been said that trained dogs can pick up the presence of prostate cancer in urine samples in 93% of cases.

The Weekly Vine

Soil Association BOOM awards:

The Weekly Vine

The Soil Association’s BOOM awards are now taking entries to credit the very best of those producing, providing, selling, serving and delivering organic foods as they should be! There’s lots of different categories for you to sink your teeth into across the organic marketing.

Click here for more information, all the categories and how to enter!

Other News:

Honey Monster introduces 35g cereal packets

Brakes Foodservice wins big at inaugural Chefs Choice Awards

Check out This Video by BBC3 of What Not to Say to Old People

Nestle Promised to Cut Sugar by 10% Before 2018 in Confectionery Range

Compass Launches Specialised Finger Food to Help Those Living with Dementia 

Teesside’s Cineworld Introduces Dementia Friendly Screenings:

The Weekly Vine

The Middleborough cinema has started Dementia Friendly Screenings, where residents, carers and activity coordinators are invited to enjoy, for example,  a classical 1953 musical, Calamity Jane. Being in a safe and comfortable environment, it gives the residents a chance to get out of their care home grounds and socialise. The staff on duty for these screenings have become dementia friends to help provide support before, during and after screenings. Well done Cineworld!

Price spectrum:

↑ Bread, Cashews, Milk, Sugar, Coffee, Sweet Potato,  Potatoes, Bananas.

↓ Honey, Butter, Cheese, Cocoa Beans, Rapeseed Oil, Cod, Hazelnuts.

F&E Promo Corner:

The Weekly Vine

Product Of The Week: Mobile Ingredient Bin.

 Capacity 73Ltr, Dimensions 510 x 460 x 460mm, Material Polyethylene, Lid included, Tough food grade polythene, Safe for -30 to 80 degrees centigrade, 4 x 3″ swivel castors, Easy to clean design.

The Weekly Vine