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The Weekly Vine

23rd March: Hello from Collective Purchasing! Here Is Our Weekly Vine, This Week You Can Find out About Ruby Wax’s Frazzled Cafes, Sugar Content Updates, World Water Day Awareness and Lots More!

M&S Stores Launch Mental Health Cafes:

With the help of Ruby Wax, Frazzled Cafes have been created and placed in 11 M&S stores with the aim to provide encouragement to talk about how you feel. 1 in 4 people suffer with mental health issues, but everyone and anyone are welcome to the fortnightly meetings to chat about anything from the modern life stresses, to anxiety. The meetings aren’t classed as therapy, however it provides a safe environment for people to feel supported and gain advice. Visit Ruby Wax’s website for more information.

The Weekly Vine

Genetic Test Predicting Risk of Alzheimer’s:

Scientists in the USA have developed a genetic assessment which could reveal the likelihood of an individual developing Alzheimer’s. After assessing data of around 70,000 people, they now have more of an understanding how genetic variation contributes to the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. 31 genetic variations associated with an increased risk, were identified, making the research a huge success. The plan is to now carry out similar research within other countries populations to gain an international understanding.

The Weekly Vine

Sheep Café in London!

Sheepland is hoping to come to London this spring. We have all seen cat, dog and even rabbit cafes across the nation – so why not give sheep a chance? A crowdfunding page has been launched and with 500 bookings, this pop up café will be expected to bring the flock to town!

The Weekly Vine

Nestle Tackling Obesity War:

The Weekly Vine

Nestle have already decided to slash 10% of sugar in all their products, now – they are tackling the Government to turn to regulation to tackle obesity. Making Nestle’s products healthier is the aim and Public Health England are set to announce industry reformulation targets within the days to come.

One Water New Message on a Bottle:

The Weekly Vine

As it was World Water Day on the 22nd March, One Water have created a sleeve for its bottles to make the clean Welsh spring water look dirty. This is to get the public thinking when they drink the water. If people see first hand what it looks like when somebody is drinking dirty water, awareness will be improved.

The Big School Bake off 2017 Open for Business:

The Weekly Vine

You have until Friday 26th May to enter yourself into this year’s Unilever Big School Bake Off.  Sponsored by Stork, this gives school caterers the chance to shine, putting their skills to the test at a national level. All entries will be given a personalised apron, and there are some lovely prizes up for grabs throughout the competition. To enter, choose your best bake – send an image of the bake with 50 words explaining why it’s great. Good Luck!

Other News:

Boxing helps those with Parkinson’s fight back against the disease, click here to find out more.

Pay what you want at Gloucestershire’s newest cafe, read here.

 Price spectrum:

↑ Nuts, Squid, Salmon, Milk, Tuna, Sweet Potatoes, Rice, Eggs, Cream, Potatoes.

↓ Black Pepper, Sugar, Oranges, Coconut Oil, Cocoa, Courgettes, Lettuce.

F&E Promo Corner:

The Weekly Vine

Olympia Low Sided Wooden Crate

This stunning food service tray is perfect for restaurants that want a new and quirky way of serving their meals. The low sides are high enough to hold in contents but not too high as to interrupt the meal being enjoyed. Simply line with a sheet of parchment paper, then the crate is ready to serve meals like fish and chips or burger and fries.  Dimensions 50(H) x 350(W) x 230(D)mm, Ideal for displaying breads or fruit, Hevea wood.The Weekly Vine