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Dental Hygiene Tips for Older Generations

With recent news that care homes need to up their game with helping residents with oral healthcare, Collective Purchasing present some top tips on how to keep your teeth in a good condition for as long as possible when ageing:

Limit Your Intake of Sugary Food and Drinks:

Dental Hygiene Tips for Older Generations

To keep your teeth as healthy as possible for the longest possible time, try to steer clear of too many sugary drinks and foods. Keeping a balanced diet will help you in the long run.

Increase Fluoridation:

Switch to a fluoride toothpaste or incorporate a fluoride rinse into your daily routine. To find out more about Fluoride, click here.

Avoid Smoking:

Dental Hygiene Tips for Older Generations

Smoking isn’t good for you in any way. Linked to an increased chance of mouth and throat cancer, as well as heart disease and other very serious conditions. This affects your mouth, teeth and tongue also. Even chewing tobacco can lead to tooth decay, as it actually holds formulations containing sugar.

Increase Oral Hydration:

Ask your doctor if you can substitute your medication for one that doesn’t produce dry mouth. If this is not possible, then drink plenty of water, chew a sugar free gum and also avoid alcohol, as it will dehydrate your body.

Use an Antibacterial Mouthwash:

When used with brushing and flossing, an antibacterial wash can reduce the buildup of plaque. Not only will this leave your mouth and breath feeling fresh and very clean – the long term health effects will definitely be in your favour.

Water is Best:

Dental Hygiene Tips for Older Generations

Water helps with every aspect of keeping fit and healthy – and it does exactly that when it comes down to oral care. Keeping your water intake at a decent level will help you all round.

Brush teeth and gums at least twice a day:

We all know, that we should brush our teeth twice a day – morning and evening. This doesn’t change when you get older. Keeping on top of brushing, flossing and mouthwash throughout all of your years, will help you keep your original teeth in your older years.

Clean Dentures with Soap and Water:

If you end up having to have dentures, make sure you keep them clean too. Simply clean them yourself, or have somebody help you clean then with water and soap. Make sure all food and drink residue is completely gone so you are left feeling clean, fresh and comfortable to smile with confidence!

Chew Sugar Free Gum:

Keeping gum at the ready for after meals, first thing in the morning after brushing your teeth or in between coffee/tea breaks is a great idea. Making sure your breath is as fresh as possible and cleaning the inside of your mouth at the same time.

Regular Oral Check Ups:

Keeping your appearances up with your Dentist is important. Not just for emergencies, make sure you visit every 6 months to keep on top of your oral health. If you do have a change or an emergency with your teeth, make sure you do book an emergency appointment.

Be Aware of the Effects Medicines Can Have on Your Oral Health/Mouth:

This is something that people are not that aware of. Certain medicines can affect your teeth, mouth and oral health. Keep in contact with your doctor and report any changes you may gain once on a new medicine.