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Lets do this!

Discover new, easy ways to eat better and get active every day!

Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation and Tesco are working together to inspire people to take small, positive steps to better health.

In the UK today, around 4 million people are living with Type 2 diabetes, and an estimated 7 million people are living with heart and circulatory disease. That’s why Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation and Tesco are working together to raise funds to inspire millions of people to eat better, get active and reduce their risk of developing these largely preventable conditions. They want to help people learn new ways of cooking, how to fit activity into their daily lives and look after their health.


The National Charity Partnership launched the Let’s Do This campaign on the 25th January 2016. It aims to inspire people to take small and achievable steps to a healthier life. The campaign includes the Let’s Do This website, which allows you to set goals and track your progress and provides loads of tips, recipes and inspiration to help you stay motivated. It also includes an eight-week challenge which lets you set a personalised goal and has loads of tips and inspiration to help you achieve it.

Whether you want to swap fizzy pop for water for just one day a week or get your heart pumping by taking a walk in the park; it just takes one small step and you’ll be on your way to a healthier life. With the clocks going back people find many excuses as to why they can’t get active. …It’s too cold….. It’s too dark…… I don’t have time…..! The winter warmer Let’s Do This challenge helps you to beat the winter blues with simple and easy activities designed to get your heart pumping.

Start your eight Week Challenge

Set your goals as part of your Let’s Do This eight-week challenge and track your progress while getting active.

Get moving

Simple exercises such as star jumps, high knees or squats can be a great way to make you feel more energised and can be done anywhere.

10 minutes is all it takes

Ever feel like you have no energy? Just 10 minutes of physical activity can help. Try jumping on your bike or exercising outdoors to get your heart pumping. Once you’re in the flow and exercising regularly, try and squeeze in another 10 minutes and carry on building up.

Think local

The UK is packed full of parks and open spaces. Unsure how to find the closest one to you? Check out this handy guide for more info on how to find your local park.

Find what’s right for you

Making exercise enjoyable is key to helping you make small changes to your everyday health. Experiment with different activities to find what works for you, get outside and enjoy!

Eat well


As well as getting active, a few changes to your diet can make the world of difference. Cooking healthy dishes does not mean you have to spend all day in the kitchen or even mean giving up your favourite foods. It is all about balance. Here are our top recipes from the Let’s Do This website for you to try.

Chicken nuggets with corn dip, chips and peas


Prawn spring rolls

All this a bit daunting?

We understand that making changes can be difficult. As humans, we are creatures of habit. Why not set yourself a goal to start a new habit like walking? It’s easy to make walking part of day-to-day life. You can do it almost anywhere, and some short journeys can be quicker on foot. Use these tips to help you build walking into your day – whether you’re at work, with the kids or out with friends. Come on, let’s do this.

Start small 

Small changes can make a big difference: park at the back of the car park, or walk the long way to your next item at the supermarket. By adjusting your usual activities, and moving more, your health will benefit and you’ll soon feel the difference.

Set reminders

If you sit down a lot at work, set yourself reminders to get up and move more often, or try walking somewhere in your lunch break.

Make it routine

Build walking into your regular journeys to work, to see family, or to go to the shops. If you can’t walk the whole way, try parking further from your destination or getting off the bus one stop early to walk the rest of the way.

Choose the stairs

Give your heart some love – use the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. It’s a great way to move more at work, at home or when you’re out shopping.

Get the kids involved

Fed up with queuing in school traffic or searching for a parking space? One day a week make the school-run a ‘school-walk’ with the children, and see if you can beat the queues!

Get pacing with a pooch

Dogs are a walker’s best friend! If you don’t have one, why not offer to walk a neighbour’s? Or contact your local rescue centre – some will welcome volunteer dog-walkers.

To find out more info head to the Let’s Do This website!!