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Stir Up Sunday

Talk of Christmas has been buzzing around the Collective office since way back in September! (what can I say. We LOVE Christmas!!) This Sunday (26th November) is officially known as Stir-up Sunday. So put on your apron, gather family or friends and make sure you’re prepared to make your best Christmas pudding yet.

What is Stir-up Sunday?

It is a tradition that dates back to Victorian times when the family would gather together to stir the Christmas pudding five weeks before Christmas. The opening words of the Book Of Common Prayer, read on this Sunday before Advent, are ‘Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord’, so the tradition stands that this is the day to get stirring!

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Did you know…

  • Christmas puddings would traditionally contain 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his disciples.
  • It is traditionally stirred (while making a wish) by each member of the family from East to West, to remember the Wise Men that visited Jesus in the Nativity Story.
  • The customary garnish of holly represented the crown of thorns.
  • Adding coins, to the pud was said to bring luck if you found them in your portion on Christmas Day.

Where does Christmas pudding come from?

There is speculation about the origins of Christmas pudding. It is said to have been mentioned first in 1858, in Anthony Trollope’s Doctor Thorne, although its beginnings apparently go back hundreds of years.

In the Middle Ages, a Christmas porridge called Frumenty was popular and maybe a savoury ancestor of the Christmas pudding. The recipe evolved over the years into plum pudding. It contained dried fruits, eggs, breadcrumbs, and beers or spirits to increase its shelf life. In the 19th century, Prince Albert declared his love for the Christmas pudding. He made it fashionable and thus a Christmas staple was born.

Christmas pudding recipes

Easy Christmas pudding

7-cup Christmas pudding

A classic light spiced Christmas pudding – so simple you don’t even need any kitchen scales.

Classic Christmas pudding

Classic Christmas pudding

This is a plump pudding with history…

Chocoholic’s Christmas pudding

Chocoholic's Christmas pudding

A definite crowd pleaser – chocolate mousse hidden by a layer of chocolate sponge, covered with the best chocolate topping we’ve ever tasted.

Send us your pics of you stirring it up on Sunday! Once the Christmas puds have been made, does that mean we can play Christmas music in the office?