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Tea-riffic Competition!

A great Cup of tea remains a national treasure and is the most consumed drink in the UK! We typically brew up 3 times a day; although one in four thirsty Britons will get through 5 cups or more!

How do you like your tea?

Whilst us Brits can all agree that we love tea, how we enjoy our tea is quite a different story. Some like it milky, some like it strong; Whilst some like it with sugar, some are sweet enough!

A poll for WRVS, a charity that provides support for older people, revealed 35 per cent of people like their tea to be mid-brown; with only 3 per cent preferring their tea very milky. One in five likes to brew their tea in a teapot, while a traditional 6 per cent still use a cup and saucer. And 7 per cent are so picky that they will not let anyone else make them a cuppa. (when you know what you like, you know hey!)

How do you drink your tea

*Photo from Daily Mail.*

Win Win Win

To celebrate the uniqueness of us tea drinkers, we are giving one lucky person a tea-riffic prize. If you work in the care sector or in the hospitality industry and would love to win a hamper of goodies for your work; all you have to do is follow @collectivePurch on Twitter, send us a tweet with a photo of your ideal brew and use the #BestBrew to be entered. All entries need to be in by 2nd July (midnight). Collective Purchasing will announce the winner on Thursday 5th July!

Good Luck!!


Tetley Tea Comp


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