Collective purchasing will save your business money on all areas of consumable supply.

Focus on Housekeeping

Find out why Collective Purchasing is the right choice for your housekeeping needs and how we can reduce your costs by 15% to 30%.

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The right supplier and product choice for you

Collective Purchasing have access to and knowledge of hundreds of different housekeeping products through long term relationships with a high number of trusted suppliers.

With Collective Purchasing you:

  • Have access to branded products at a lower cost
  • Can choose from a wide range of quality own brand products
  • Have access to direct purchase deals with manufacturers which seriously reduce prices even further
  • Can buy exceptional brands such as Diversey, Unilever, Ecolab and Proctor and Gamble at a much lower price. All these brands perform well but if you are buying outside of Collective Purchasing you will be paying too much!
  • Will be able to capture your spending on One-Vision – our in-house developed software – meaning you can monitor the number of products purchased throughout the year.
  • Have the ability to monitor your cost in use – The crucial calculation that measures your exact costs.


With so many housekeeping products being purchased there are always savings to be made!

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  • How old are your Dispensers? – More than three years old and you likely need an upgrade. Our wide range not only does a great job but look good too. They are also free on loan subject to contract.
  • Paper products – toilet rolls, kitchen roll and blue roll priced too high can mean you are literally flushing money down the drain. Paper is a high cost for homes, ensuring the right price without lowering quality can help make sure there is less wastage.
  • Laundry – washing machines and dryers are being used hours upon hours in homes every day. There are so many different detergents and auto dosing equipment on the market that there is no reason why every laundry shouldn’t achieve a fresh clean wash, no matter what resident type. We are able to bring you this choice, which otherwise could be limited.
  • Chemicals for multi surfaces, floor, kitchen, bathrooms and so on must have the ability to control infection. We are able to source the best products for your needs at the best price.

Free housekeeping review

Ask us for a free housekeeping review today. We will review your housekeeping costs and provide you with a detailed report recommending how you can improve your cleaning regime, reduce cost and manage your budget more effectively – because let’s be honest, we are all looking at ways to save money, and Collective Purchasing can help!

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