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Festive Countdown

Whether you are ready or not the festive season is just around the corner. It is the time of year when the shops are filled with Christmas decs, festive food and all things indulgent.

The stresses of the gift buying, wrapping and the countdown until the big man himself comes will be over before we know it. However for businesses in the catering and hospitality industry, it is usually their busiest period.

Not long to go!

Below we have some great tips to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming festivities.


As the saying goes, less is more. With so many ways to decorate, finding a way that compliments your business and location is important. Make sure you utilise areas of your building to help create that festive vibe. Don’t be tempted by tinsel and paper chains if it doesn’t fit in with your business style. Ensure you keep décor classy and subtle with hints of red and green dotted through your establishment.


The tree is the main event, but be wary of cluttering it with too many baubles and lights. Again avoid tinsel if you can and make sure the tree fits the space. If the tree is too big and it looks messy, too small and the area will look empty. Why not add some gift wrapped boxes under the tree to finish it off.


Add a wreath to your front door, but try and make it unique to you. I have a beautiful peacock themed wreath on my door as that was our wedding theme. There is no point having the same wreath that every Tom, Dick and Harry has. Why not try having one up with your branded colours, or with some reference to your business. They don’t have to be expensive, but they create a great first impression.

Be unique with your wreath

Don’t forget

If you have a reception area, do not neglect it. Add some subtle lights to the desk, have a bowl of sweets to hand out and have some Christmas music playing softly in the background. This will create a warm and welcoming environment with a message of generosity. I mean, who doesn’t love free sweets!


Smells conjure up a lot of memories. Coconut always reminds me of holidays, and cinnamon of Christmas. Use scented candles, reed diffusers, potpourri or a simple air freshener. The wintry, spicy aromas will be sure to be welcomed by visitors.

Make it smell nice


Tables should of course have Christmas crackers, it wouldn’t be Christmas without them. However make sure they aren’t the cheap variety, where hats rip and prizes are left behind. Invest in some good ones, or make your own (if you have time!!) Why not also add some games or photo props to the tables. Guests will have fun using them and will ensure that you are talked about for months to come, with the hope of them returning next year.

Festive Table


Your waiting staff are another area you shouldn’t forget about. Let them wear Santa hats, Xmas earrings or festive button holes. They should be able to get into the festive spirit whilst at work in order to help your guests feel jolly too.

Finally, make sure you are not bringing out the same old tired looking Christmas stuff year after year. Customers will notice! Each year is an opportunity to freshen up your Christmas look.

If you need any help with décor or furniture, then call us on 01329 236821 and we will get you some prices!

Make it look festive

Food and drink

From the turkey to the sprouts, the mince pies to the party puddings, whatever festive feast you’re throwing this Christmas, eat, drink and be merry!

Within the care/catering/hospitality industry you need to make sure that all dietary and allergy requirements are met. With the increasingly popular vegan diet, it is essential to have plenty of vegan options. Make sure you have plenty of options so that no one feels left out.

Also ensure you have allergen information to hand and to include allergy free selections for those with allergies.


Keep it traditional, but also maybe create some more adventurous dishes for your menu. Below are a few of our favourite Christmas staples, but also some tasty dishes we want to try! Above all, make your customers feel valued and not rushed; Nobody wants to rush their Christmas dinner! Christmas is all about bringing people together; by having a warm and cosy space you will create a friendly, festive environment.

Christmas centrepiece recipes

Christmas dinner Wellington

Gordon’s Christmas roast goose

Classic roast turkey

Vegan Christmas wreath

Christmas vegetables


Chocolate, black cherry and vanilla arctic roll

Unbelievably easy mince pies

If you want to save money this fesitive period, then call us to see how we can help save money on your daily food supplies.