Collective purchasing will save your business money on all areas of consumable supply.

Easing of Lockdown – The new Norm

Saturday, July the 4th 2020; the day pubs, cafes and restaurants could reopen in England after a long three months closed due to Covid-19.

Whilst this is great news for businesses, it poses new challenges for business owners that may never have been faced before.

Social Distancing

It is advised to stay 2ms apart, but if you cant 1m will suffice. However many smaller businesses may not be able to conform to this restriction. Small cafes, pubs and eateries that have tables close together are having to half their capacity in order to reopen. This is leading to a loss of ambience, identity and atmosphere that customers may associate with some of the businesses; as well as, reduced income from fewer people being allowed in. One way to combat this is for you to start, or continue, offering takeout services, or increasing seating outside.

This, of course, has its own problems; the added cost associated with purchasing more seating for outside, the need for containers for food and drink to be supplied as a takeaway and added cleaning costs can be daunting for business owners. Using single-use plastic is not great for the environment, and you may not be aware of the alternatives available if you have never needed to use them before. Luckily, there are many options available for all concerns. There are budget options for furniture and more environmentally friendly options for takeaways. We have been able to help customers save money on disposable consumables as well as seating and furniture for outside. If you are interested in how we can help – email to find out more.


Of course, the safety of the staff is important, but it is also imperative the welfare of customers is considered too. There are many items on the market that are helping to keep both staff and customers safe. From sneeze guards to visors; Face masks to hand sanitiser. There are numerous things available to purchase in order to help with the reopening. We can help advise and source these if you wish as it may be a daunting experience due to the sheer number of products being sold.

There are some other things that can be done to help; suggest the use of card payments over cash, limiting menu choices to help kitchen staff run more efficiently, and having plenty of sanitising stations around the premises (more is better!!) Implement one way systems and ensure cleaning is done more frequently. The Government are also asking to take names and numbers of customers for track and testing. This GDPR compliant visitor book is ideal for venues to use to record visitors details. 

Running a tight ship

Due to social distancing, some staff may not be able to return to work immediately. They may be shielding, or simply not be needed currently. To help run more efficiently there are many options. As mentioned before reduce the menu size to reduce stress in the kitchen. Opt for frozen items as this leads to less wastage. Shop locally, as this will not only help support other businesses but also reduce the number of miles your produce is travelling. And opt for things that make your life just that little bit easier like pre-sliced rolls.

Engage the local community

Whilst times have been tough for businesses like you, consumers may need some encouragement to come back and part with their cash. Costa has given away free coffees to all those that have the app – whilst we are not suggesting every business can afford to do this, offering a welcome back discount will go a long way to bringing the customers back!

Give Back

Throughout the pandemic, key workers have been working hard to either keep us safe or to keep the country going. One way to boost a businesses profile is to hold some form of a charity event to highlight the appreciation we as a nation have for these people. Host an NHS themed event, raising money or providing free items to NHS staff. This will not only be good for the charity but will bring together a sense of community.

The good news is though, you are of course not alone. Every business is having to go through all these changes, and customers are learning to adapt. It may be a slow process, but this will soon become our new norm. We hope you all stay safe and if you have any problems with food supply, housekeeping issues or need any PPE/furniture – then contact us today!