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World Egg Day

Eggs have been described by nutritionists as nature’s large vitamin pill – a mineral cocktail; they contain many of the essential vitamins and minerals required for a healthy diet.

Packed full of goodness; from vitamin A and B12, right through to choline, vital for nerves and muscles to function correctly.  Eggs really are a wonder food, in 100% natural packaging.

Egg-traordinary facts

Did you know……

  • Eggs are the highest quality protein you can purchase
  • The yolk contains a natural source of vitamin D (which many brits suffer a deficiency in)
  • The yolk colour depends on the diet of the hen
  • The older the hen the larger the egg
  • large eggs contain roughly 70 calories and 5g fat – making them very nutritional indeed!
  • A hen will lay roughly 300 – 325 eggs a year and it takes between 24 and 26 hours to produce one single egg
  • Eggs are second to only mothers milk for human nutrition, making it a very healthy choice
  • Eggs age more in one day at room temp, than they do for one week in the fridge!

World egg day

World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in October; with this years being on Friday 9th October!

Whether you celebrate World Egg Day every year, or this will be your first time, make sure that this year, you get cracking and help to make this World Egg Day the biggest and the best ever.

Egg-citing ideas

To celebrate world egg day why not try one of our cracking ideas below

Omelette making

Did you know the fastest omelette maker in the world made 427 two-egg omelettes in 30 minutes? American Egg Board’s Howard Helmer, is the Omelette King; he holds three Guinness World Records for omelette making.

Why not host a friendly competition? How many omelettes can you make in 30 minutes, or who can make the quickest omelette – whatever you do you will have some eggcellent fun!


We all loved doing the egg and spoon race when we were younger – so why not hold an egg festival! Egg and spoon race, balancing the egg, egg throwing, painting the eggs and egg recipe contests? Finish the day with some smashing egg food (think omelettes, eggy bread, dippy egg, egg custard tarts – it really is such a versatile food!!)


From egg hoppers in Sri Lanka to Scotch eggs in the UK, the egg is a staple food in many countries. Check out this list of how eggs are eaten around the world! Huevos rancheros from Mexico is one of my personal faves! Corn tortillas are topped with fried eggs, salsa, beans, and avocado. Why not create a menu with egg dishes from around the globe!?

However you celebrate world Egg day – we are sure you will have a smashing time! Don’t forget that if you need any help with sourcing your daily foods (including eggs) we are here to help! Just give us a call, or contact us on

one final note……

How do you know if a chef is mean?

He beats all the eggs.