Future-proofing your business.

With over 25 years of experience in procurement services, we believe in looking after every pound as our own.

Daily consumables and services can prove costly and time consuming. Due to high prices, wrong product selection and runaway ‘cost-in-use’, this will all impact on expenditure, and reduce profits.

We believe in making sure you get high-quality products, for the best price possible, therefore our bespoke procurement services will help to save your business both money and time.


Whether you provide stand-alone care or are part of a group, our cost-saving solutions can help. 


We help you find high-quality products and assist with everything whilst maintaining profit margins.


We help meet government guidelines by sourcing nutritious, seasonal, delicious food for schools. 


We help provide great, cost-effective solutions to healthcare purchasing. 


Finding nutritious, tailored food to suit the requirements of all patients, no matter the dietary requirements.


From golf clubs to swimming pools, we can help you reach new customers whilst remaining cost-conscious.

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Do you need help with your buying and are looking to cut down on spending costs? Contact us today to see how our procurement services can help you.


Many procurement companies will work with you on price. However, with our One-Vision analysis tool, you can get complete visibility of your monthly business spend.

It’s perfect for any decision-maker looking to tightly control a budget. It comes backed by our expertise in purchasing services to give you the optimum product and supplier mix and fully realise the benefits of the One-Vision system.

See your monthly spend

Study a detailed breakdown of every product you’ve purchased

Sort your top 50 purchased products by group or unit

Arrange by branded vs own label mix

Search by product (so you’ll always know who bought what)

Browse purchased products by their assigned category


Coming soon! Your industry moves fast, and we know you’re always looking to keep on top of having the right products and services to meet your current industry legislation. On our resources page, you will soon find all that vital info, along with updates, blog posts, and case studies where our customers share their experience of working with us.