Procurement expertise for every industry.

From the beginning, our procurement expertise has helped businesses cut back on their spending costs for daily supplies, no matter the size of the business or unique requirements. We cover a vast range of industries to ensure everyone can access affordable supplies without compromising quality.

Our offering

We provide solutions to everyday problems. Regardless of industry or requirement, we help you regain control, improving your business operations by treating every pound as our own.

Our objectives

We create true partnerships with our customers. Nurturing clear communication and efficiency, consider us an integral part of your purchasing strategy.

Our approach

We pride ourselves in future-proofing your business. Using our in-depth market knowledge and experience, we give you the tools and support to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

A history of Collective Purchasing

Providing the best procurement services for over 25 years.


Head Office – The Garden Shed. Businesses have to start somewhere. Armed with a pen, a pad and the belief ‘Collective Purchasing’ was a good idea for Hampshire businesses – interest was strong from the start.


A presentation to the Hampshire Care Association sets the Collective ball rolling and our passion for the care sector founded.

2002 – 2010

Local and national care groups are now a major part of our customer base.


A family business – Laura Jehan brings new impetus and integrity to the company.

F&E Launched: Customers struggle to find the right equipment and furniture. Collective ‘search and find’ facility vowing to find anything with quality and price in mind.

2011 – 2016

Our long-standing care customers remain, garden centres, cafes and schools find Collective Purchasing works for them.


One-Vision developed: our in-house software now displays all product purchases from all suppliers – a huge help in controlling and reducing cost.


Welcome Packs: Helping to reduce the trepidation moving into a care home brings, this part of our service expanded to include all sorts of gifts for staff and residents.


Bethany Jehan joined bringing a strong focus on customer service, sales and marketing.


Collective Purchasing survived the pandemic and growing in strength with superb staff members and the final Jehan sibling to join us – welcome Matt.

Far more challenges to procurement these past two years but our professional services continue benefiting businesses – we will always find a way.

Expansive, professional services to suit every business. 

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Our values


Our professional team is genuinely proactive, creating long-standing relationships and ensuring consistency.


Honesty and transparency are fundamental values we hold and apply to our day-to-day business operations.


As market experts, we deliver impressive results through our in-depth knowledge and ability to problem-solve.


Caring about our environmental impact, we create connections with like-minded suppliers to support a common goal.