Better eating, Better learning.

Providing good nutrition is fundamental when choosing food for schools, and our cost-saving purchasing services for education can help your school or college save money on daily supply products.

We know an educational institution is obliged to comply with strict legislation, and producing a nutritious, compliant menu with variety and inclusivity for all can be a real challenge.

Our education procurement services can help you avoid bland, boring traditional school meals and provide exciting food options that are up-to-date with current food trends – giving you great options for all dietary needs while also being nutritionally balanced.


We work closely with our suppliers to provide the tools you need to excel in purchasing for education – including menu planning, food to go, allergen advice, traceability and seasonality, all whilst keeping a close eye on your budget.

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Our education procurement solutions don’t stop at food supply. For any catering or serving equipment you need, from crockery to Rationale ovens, we offer a personal shopping service which not only finds you the best price but can also offer you cost-saving alternatives where relevant.


We choose suppliers who responsibly source food and can focus on the seasonality of produce to ensure that it is the right balance of delicious and environmentally friendly. Because of this, our procurement services are able to offer a mix of national and local suppliers, meaning you support local businesses whilst also being assured that the price paid is competitive.


Our education procurement services provide cost-effective solutions tailored to your institution’s needs. We offer ongoing support and analysis on your spending, cutting down on expensive buying and maintaining the quality level you deserve. Don’t forget: we don’t stop at food – you can also find out about our housekeeping supplies.