Helping businesses save money while retaining quality is at the heart of our service.

In our 25 years as a specialist procurement company we’ve worked closely with care homes, charities, garden centres, schools, cafes and many more besides.

We’ll work with you to understand your company’s preferences and priorities, tailoring our offering specifically to your company.

As part of our service, we establish clear expectations of supplier service levels (service level agreements, or SLAs) to suit your budget and create a rigid framework in which the supplier must operate. This results in your business having complete cost control, as well as a higher level of products and services, a win-win for all concerned.

Who we work with

Each sector faces different challenges meaning how we support you can vary.

At Collective Purchasing, we bring our high-quality procurement services to a vast range of sectors across the UK, offering purchasing solutions that maintain excellent quality regardless of industry or the challenge faced by your business.


With nearly three decades of experience within the care sector, we are care home procurement specialists offering cost-effective food, training and housekeeping services.


With a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, we work hard to bring the very best food offering to hospitality companies, helping them deliver excellent service while saving money.


We are also a procurement company for educational institutions. We work closely with our suppliers to bring schools, colleges and universities menu planning, takeaway options, allergen advice, traceability, and seasonality.


We offer the opportunity to save money in a variety of healthcare settings, with a specialist purchasing approach that uses tried and tested cost-saving methods.


We offer a range of hospital procurement services especially designed to serve large hospital settings, as well as smaller surgeries and practices.


As procurement specialists for sport & leisure, we offer cost-effective food options that customers will love to sports centres, clubs and more.

Services we offer

Ongoing service support

Market reports and trends

Staff training

Innovative menu planning


Allergen and nutritional help

Food trends

Product and supplier mix

Own-label v branded product mix

Bespoke spend reports

Spend capture of every product purchased on One-Vision.