Collective purchasing will save your business money on all areas of consumable supply.


A history of Collective Purchasing

Collective Purchasing was founded in 1995 in Southampton, Hampshire. We spent our first years developing and excelling in the care sector and we are still very much active in this field. We continue to provide our procurement expertise to major care home groups, as well as independent care homes across the breadth of the UK.

From 2010 we have ventured into new marketplaces, welcoming garden centres, schools and cafes to our list of members. We are currently building a name for ourselves within the hospitality sector and are now inviting hotels, restaurants and catering companies to take advantage of our procurement expertise. We are proud to be supporting more ‘local to you’ suppliers across ever expanding communities as well as benefiting from long standing relationships with the countries best known national suppliers.

FurnitureOne VisionWelcome PacksCP Dairy

Over the years, with our first hand knowledge within our industry
we have been able to identify new services that will benefit our members

  • Furniture and Equipment. Our wide selection of furniture and equipment  will cover all aspects of your business’s needs at genuinely reduced prices – read more here
  • One-Vision is our in-house developed, on-line application, enabling you to reduce costs and identify spending anomalies – ideal for key members of staff responsible for budget control – read more here
  • The WOW Pack was born in 2006 . Developed within a specific remit of  “making residents feel welcome” in their new home. The gift packs now supply a warm welcome to hundreds of new residents every year – read more here
  • More recently we have formed CP Dairy, a subsidiary company created to give us the control necessary to really drive dairy costs down for our members. We provide supply through trusted local suppliers whilst retaining complete control over costs by invoicing in house – read more here

We offer all these services with the heart of our business constantly striving to reduce costs whilst not compromising on quality.

Vision Statement:

To be considered by all of our customers as a proficient, effective, professional organisation, able to deliver buying solutions that improve overheads and solve procurement issues for their business.

Mission Statement:

To provide businesses with continually improving buying solutions ensuring Collective Purchasing is recognised as the best buying organisation in the country.

We have been working with Collective Purchasing now since 2010, after initially saving us £15,000 per annum on our groups grocery & frozen supply, they now review our spend closely every quarter identifying further ways to save.

They have a consistent relationship with our homes on a personal level and assist in rolling out money saving product changes and saving advice directly to our chefs regularly. Preet Shergill
Associate Director for Peverel Court Care Homes