Collective purchasing will save your business money on all areas of consumable supply.

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In our Market Place the ‘COLLECTIVE’ philosophy comes together – we use our 25 years of procurement expertise to help you take control of your purchasing ultimately reducing costs without compromising on quality.

In our Market Place, prices are continually challenged, high service levels are demanded and great product quality is what you can expect.

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When you bring your business into our marketplace, you will find the complete procurement solution. Our tried and tested methods, processes and practices, give your business a very distinctive edge.

In our market place members do not overspend. They buy the right product from the right supplier at better than the right price. We will keep costs low by introducing regular spend reviews and your business will acquire the optimum product mix to suit the culture of your organisation. Continuously striving to be bigger and better than our initial promise to lower prices.

In every business many internal influences affect your costs. An essential part of our service is to identify and finely tune these to create operational improvements and on-going efficiency,

Bring your business into our market place and see how your procurement can be so much better…

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    • A reliable watch over your spend
    • No compromise on service or quality
    • Consistent customer care
    • Maximize cost savings
    • All areas of supply

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Our Suppliers

Collective Purchasing has worked with hundreds of businesses to establish and maintain a range of superior buying processes. The results of our services will bring lasting cost-effectiveness and many other operational benefits.